Year 7 ~ Totus Tuus ~ Day 25

Mary leaves this earth in the greatest of silences, a silence protected by John. John is the guardian of silence, even more than Joseph, because he does so in an ultimate way… He keeps the word of God, the word of Jesus that Mary passed on to him… with love. His only desire is for this word to take complete possession of his whole heart…

The Blessed Mother did not write anything down… From the hour of the cross, and from the hour of the mystery of Pentecost, her whole life is hidden in the heart of John. Maybe this is the legacy we need to discover: the legacy of a mother, and of a mother who wants to plunge her children into silence. Only Mary can teach us silence. She is the one who teaches us how to be truly silent, in a truly divine way. We are silent when we carry a secret. If we are not carrying a secret, we feel like aimlessly chatting with everyone around us. But as soon as we carry a secret within us, zones of silence are carved out within us – zones that grow progressively deeper. Mary helps us enter into these zones of silence by placing in us the secret Jesus has for us, the secret of the Father for us, her secret. And her secret is that we are to live with a burning thirst for love…

… we hear the cry of thirst, we carry it in our hearts, but we cannot respond to it. We are incapable. This cry of thirst took hold of Mary’s heart, and Mary wants us to understand that this is her one and only legacy…


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