Spring Cleaning: More Social Commentary

This post has apparently been sitting in my drafts folder for a while (it’s a couple of years old now, wordpress tells me). I’m not entirely sure that I recall what prompted it, but I thought I’d go ahead and post it; my guess is that I was in an angry and literally-in-pain-and-bleeding-black place in my life, and I don’t know that I’m necessarily ashamed of that at all. Please note that I haven’t edited the content, just the grammar stuffs. I thought I’d let my twenty-two-year-old-self be.


Not all of us have the option of walking or biking to work. Not all of us have the option of making a self-sustainable farm our life’s work and drinking lovely well-water. So we do what we can by separating our trash from our recyclables from our compost, maybe parking a little farther than we’d like from school or work and walking where we can, and growing what herbs the American Homeowners’ Association doesn’t object to being visible on our front lawn.

Can I share one of the things about this whole going green movement that really bugs me? You’ll probably stop reading as soon as I say it; suit yourself, but I have science, which is what you’re after, isn’t it? So, here goes: Birth Control.

Yeah. The pill. See, I don’t mean to stereotype or generalize or anything, because this seems to be a stumbling block for hippies, progressive Republicans, liberals, atheists, and the God-fearing alike. Would you mind not lumping all your friends and “enemies” together under the respective banners of science-smart and spiritual-stupid?

The pill is one of the most inconsiderate-towards-the-planet-AND-all-of-humanity things that a body can invest in. Environmental artificial estrogen is harming women and men alike. I can’t escape it, and frankly, that pisses me off. See, I can do everything “right”; I can live on a farm and eat organic food and avoid GMO’s and exercise and walk or bike around as much as possible, and I can choose to not use BC myself. BUT because other people are using it and it gets into our water system as a result, I am forced to suffer the consequences just as badly as if I’d made that stupid choice myself. Did you know that endometriosis is more prevalent in developed countries? which means that it is affected very significantly by the environment. That I carry this disease is not simply a matter of crappy genes; the larger part of why I suffer this disease is because of the selfish and inconsiderate choices of others. Yeah, America, I’m blaming YOU for my biological clock ticking two-to-three times faster than the average healthy human being’s. I’ve done the organic and the gluten-free and the surgeries and the thirteen-vitamin-pills-a-day. See the thing is, I WANT kids; now go ahead and tell me I’m not doing life right.

What I see is that a lot of tree-huggers, regardless of their fundamental beliefs, are quick to flash their middle finger at other people’s bigger life choices – bigger, in that sacrificing them would be more easily observed by the public; bigger, in that they’re more difficult to get away from, like cars – but aren’t hip enough to be dissing the behind-the-scenes personal choices that actually have an equally large and equally destructive impact on the environment and all of humanity. Nice of them to be so selfish and flip me out because they don’t see me caring about the earth with my daily 36.3-mile commute to work. I, who do believe in God, believe and am taught that I have a moral obligation to be a good steward of creation – but they don’t want unobservable personal sacrifice, they want the look-at-me sacrifices for the world to behold.

And really, what would it cost them to stop using artificial BC? Natural methods are pro-woman, pro gender-equality, green, natural, exponentially more affordable, healthy for both individuals and relationships, empowering, and more effective than the majority of tree-huggers actually want you to believe. Artificial BC is a selfish quick-fix for something that isn’t actually broken – you, and specifically, your fertility – and on the side, hides or suppresses symptoms of diseases like endometriosis and PCOS, allowing them to fester and spread instead of being properly addressed. What it would cost all those hypocrites is simply – time. Time to look up the science behind the REAL legacy that they’re leaving their children – if they bother to have any. Oh, and popularity, which is really the bigger deal, right? Because advocating time-consuming REAL solutions isn’t going to win you fame and fortune blood money.

For all of you ‘believers’, take the beam out of thine own eye first, and so thou shalt have clear sight to rid thy brother’s of the speck.

And for the rest of you, go take to heart more of Michael Jackson’s Man In the Mirror.



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