Year 7 ~ Totus Tuus ~ Day 14

We open wide our hearts
to receive the Prince of Peace.
O Stella Maris, light of every ocean
and mistress of the deep,
guide the peoples of the world
across all dark and stormy seas,
that they may reach the haven of peace and light
prepared in him who calmed the sea.
Keep all your children safe from harm
for the waves are high and we are far from home.
As we set forth upon the oceans of the world,
and cross the deserts of our time,
show us, O Mary, the fruit of your womb,
for without your Son we are lost.

Pray that…
in days of turmoil and in days of calm,
we will always look to Christ and say,
“Who then is this,
that he commands even wind and water,
and they obey him?”

O Help of Christians, protect us!
Bright Star of the Sea, guide us!
Our Lady of peace, pray for us!

A life full of adoration, full of thanksgiving for the completely unconditional and free gift of the infinite love of God for us, marvelously prepares the ground of our hearts for the seed of faith. Adoration helps us to keep our faith pure, constantly making us aware of the radical transcendence of the mysteries revealed to us. And so, by the same token, adoration helps us adhere to God’s word in a more perfect, loving way. We realize that God’s word is infinitely rich, and infinitely beyond our capacity to fully comprehend it. God’s mystery calls out to us, and we realize that, to respond to it, we need to love more, trust more, and to reach out to Him in faith…

Only by hiding ourselves in Mary’s faith and living within her heart’s response to the saving cross of Jesus can we respond with fitting adoration to the Father’s gift of his Son upon the cross…

From the first moment of the Annunciation until the time of the Assumption, Mary’s faith never stopped growing and taking hold of all of the vitality of her intelligence. This is truly marvelous! Faith is a gift of God, a divine light in us, and this faith, which Mary received in her intelligence, never stopped growing all the way up to the Assumption. There were three great stages to her faith: before Jesus, with Jesus and after Jesus. God willed that Mary bring the Old Testament to completion by her faith. We can say that the faith of Abraham finds its full completion in Mary’s faith; or rather, since faith finds its full completion in the vision of God, the beatific vision, Abraham’s faith is in expectation of Mary’s faith and is ordered to it. Mary is the daughter of Abraham, and her faith, having become Christian at the Annunciation, did not cease to grow as she lived with the child Jesus, then as she lived near Jesus as he was growing up (we know how he educated Mary in faith when he was 12 years old), and throughout Jesus’ apostolic life.

Mary’s faith grew thanks to the presence of Jesus, and in the end, this faith blossomed in the light of glory which took hold of her whole human intelligence. Of course Mary’s intelligence had already been taken hold of by faith when Mary pronounced the fiat of the Annunciation, but now it is living in the splendor of that light of glory….


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