Year 7 ~ Totus Tuus ~ Day 10

A life full of adoration, full of thanksgiving for the completely unconditional love and free gift of the infinite love of God for us, marvelously prepares the ground of our hearts for the seed of faith. Adoration helps us to keep our faith pure, constantly making us aware of the radical transcendence of the mysteries revealed to us… adoration helps us adhere to God’s word in a more perfect, loving way. We realize that God’s word is infinitely rich, and infinitely beyond our capacity to fully comprehend it…

… in our need we turn to you
… with empty hands
and longing hearts…
O Stella Maris, light of every ocean
and mistress of the deep,
guide the peoples of the world
across all dark and stormy seas…

Every truly contemplative act of faith encloses us in God, in his mystery…

God cannot share divine secrets with a human intellect that does not accept to be completely silent in order to receive them only with a maternal faith. With respect to divine secrets, one must always be somewhat maternal. When we truly love something, do we not jealously hide it? Entrusting his secret to Mary, the Father asks that she jealously keep it, as a mother. That is why Mary is silent even with respect to Joseph. Indeed, she continues to love him and her affection is in no way diminished. In abandonment she remains for him exactly what she was before. In receiving the secret of the Father she is even more abandoned, for her abandonment acquires, in her act of contemplation, a note of greater intensity. But, Mary is silent. She is alone to live this divine secret without posing questions, without asking if others have been forewarned. Such curiosity would hinder her from jealously keeping the secret of God as it demands to be kept…


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