Year 7 – Totus Tuus – Day 5

The mystery of the Immaculate Conception is revealed to us so that we might live it and not merely admire it… Each time God reveals something, it is not simply so that we admire it, but so that we contemplate it (in faith, thanks to the gifts of understanding and wisdom), that we live it as a mercy given to us…

Human beings sometimes reveal wonderful things while simultaneously saying, “This is not for you.” … children are led to think that if they are not given what is in the shop window, then their mother and father have misunderstood their hearts… such incidents have terrible consequences for children, for it awakens in them enormous desires which cannot be satisfied… We put things on display without thinking that we have no right, in the practical realm, to awaken desires which we cannot satisfy. Such is the game of seduction; the game of “shop windows.”

God… reveals to us his masterpiece in the mystery of the Immaculate Conception… for our sake, leading us to understand that the mystery belongs to us to the extent that we believe in it, that the mystery is for us to the extent that we love it. We must live the mystery… Christian mercy, the mercy of Christ’s blood… radically redeems the sinner and completely liberates him from sin… In heaven, we will all be immaculate. We will all live the mystery of the Immaculate Conception.


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