Year 7 ~ Totus Tuus ~ Day 4

“No one has seen the Father,” St. John tells us, “except the Son and those to whom it has pleased the Son to reveal him.”

It seems to me that we could also say “No one has penetrated into the depths of the mystery of Christ except the Virgin.” John and Mary Magdalene saw far into this mystery. St. Paul often speaks of the “intelligence that was given him;” and yet, how all the Saints seem to stay in the shadows when we look upon the radiance of the Virgin! … This is the unspeakable “secret” that she kept and “pondered in her heart,” which no tongue is able to reveal nor pen translate!

This mother of grace will form my soul so that her little child might be a living, resplendent image of her firstborn, the eternal Son, the one who was the perfect praise of the glory of his father.

… devotion to the Virgin Mary is no personal whim; it is something… willed by Jesus who, at the cross, gave Mary to us as a mother… It is… important for every Christian who desires to deepen his life as a baptized person, to understand how mothers, true mothers, are able to lead us, help us, and constantly encourage us…

In the mystery of the Annunciation, we see Mary as a very pious and fervent young Hebrew girl, very obedient to the Law of Moses, engaged to Joseph…

The transition from the Jewish faith to Christian faith takes place with Mary, with a mother. She is the one who was chosen by God in order to be the first to respond with Christian faith… through her, all mankind can now gain access to a new degree of intimacy with God, so that God will no longer be looked at only as the Creator, but also as a Father…

Mary’s faith is the model of our faith. She is the one who teaches us how to really believe, over and beyond all of the difficulties we might encounter – all the human difficulties tied to our way of thinking and seeing things…

Mary teaches us to live by faith. This is so important for us in our world today when our Christian faith is shaken, when the Word of God is so often reduced to mere human words. The transcendence and the grandeur of the divine word are no longer taken into account…

The world has forgotten the word of God. We live in a world overcome by a terrible pride, a pride and a desire to dominate, which refuses to adore, to obey God, to humbly submit itself to him…

… how many times could we exclaim with St. Paul, “I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate… For I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I do…”

… Mary did perfectly what we are all called to do! And, she did it in the same way we are called to: faith in what she could not see, and trust in what she could not control or plan!

Take notice, if you please, that I say the saints are molded in Mary. There is a great difference between making a figure in relief by blows of hammer and chisel, and making a figure by throwing it into a mold. Statuaries and sculptors labor much to make figures in the first manner; but to make them in the second manner; they work little and do their work quickly.

St. Augustine calls our Blessed Lady “the mold of God” – the mold fit to cast and mold gods. He who is cast in this mold is presently formed and molded in Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ in him. At a slight expense and in a short time he will become God, because he has been cast in the same mold which has formed a God.

… today’s world, so weakened by the consequences of original sin…

He wanted her to be immaculate, totally pure, totally his. From the first moment of her conception, Mary’s soul is wrapped in the mercy of the Father; and this mercy, coming to her through the cross of Christ, is a completely gratuitous mercy, and a gift that makes her the Father’s little child, the glory of her Father, the joy of her Father.


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