Year 7 ~ Totus Tuus ~ Day 3

Mary Immaculate… a sign of hope for today’s world, so weakened by the consequences of original sin… The grace given to Mary… reminds us of the eternal mercy of God and his intention to refashion each of us in his pure image by the blood his Son would shed for us on the cross…

… how are we to respond to God’s gifts to us? … nothing touches the depths of our person more than adoration… adoration is the only act during which we live in complete truth…

Hail Mary, lowly handmaid of the Lord,
glorious Mother of Christ!
Faithful virgin, holy dwelling-place of the Word…

Hail Mary, woman of sorrows,
Mother of the living! …

The mystery of the Immaculate Conception is the mystery of the Christian grace by which we live, perfectly realized in all its fullness…

The Father’s mercy does not just rehabilitate the prodigal son. It goes much further. It puts a stop to evil… It takes hold of and envelops everything in Mary. This prevenient mercy of the Father for Mary is truly creative mercy, where omnipotence is entirely at the service of love in a new way. In the mystery of the Immaculate Conception we see a separation from sin. Mercy stops the contagion of evil…

The Father recreates his masterpiece. Man did something monstrous to the masterpiece of God. He impeded the mercy of God. He prevented the Father’s act from being fully expressed and consequently destroyed the work of God. The Father renews everything in divine harmony. In the fullest sense, Mary is truly and perfectly the image of God… The Father’s mercy establishes a full harmony between all her faculties. In her body, there is no trace of anything other than the mercy of God…In her soul and in her body, she is, as it were, the mirror that reflects the splendor of its origin. In Mary, everything is absolutely pure. Everything is enveloped in mercy.


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