… leave our troubles in the sand…

2015 Shuffle

Opening credits: found love beyond all reason, You gave Your life, Your all, for me, and called me Yours forever…

Waking up: … bend and break my mind and heart to feel the urgent need to take all i see and pour my life into eternity and take it all today and give everything… 

How I’m feeling today: … ’tis you must go and i must bide…

First day of school: throw stones, breaking bones, then wonder why you run for cover, you fight the world from inside…

The weekend: all the fear has left me now, i’m not frightened anymore, it’s my heart that pounds beneath my flesh, it’s my mouth that pushes out this breath…

Will I get far in life: … everyone believes, from emptiness to everything…

Will I get married: … if i could hold on through the tears and the laughter, would it be beautiful, or just a beautiful disaster…

Will I have a happy life: … say farewell to the dark of night, i see the coming of the sun, i feel just like a little child whose life has just begun…

How does the world see me: … i have no doubt, one day the sun will come out, reign of love, i can’t let go…

How do my friends see me: … look at yourself in the mirror, it’s a sight i understand, you consider it all for a second and put it down to slight of hand, i give you the best, the best that i can…

Falling in love: … do you ever think about me? do you ever call my name? ask me now, i’ll give you the reasons my love will not fade through the fire and rain…

Fight song: … she’ll grow to love the tender roses, lilies fair, the iris tall, and then in fall, her bit of earth will freeze and kill them all…

Breaking up: … i felt him go, returns no more, i will not watch the ocean…

The best thing about my friends: … one love might make the difference, might take the walls and tear them down…

Best friend’s theme song: how can you see into my eyes like open doors, leading you down into my core…

High school overview: … we fail to represent, we fail to be content, we fail at everything we ever even try to attempt…

Life: … i will never see the sky the same way and i will learn to say goodbye to yesterday…

Mental breakdown: … your love is like bad medicine…

How can I make myself happy: … you’re not the answer, i should know, like all the boys before, like all the boys before… 

Driving: … i don’t know how, but i made it through, it’s one of those things that you’ve gotta do, but i always had a knack for telling the truth…

Flashback: … you do me wrong now, my love is strong now, you’ve really got a hold on me… 

How is my life going: … i don’t want the world to see me ’cause i don’t think that they’d understand, but when everything’s made to be broken, i just want you to know who i am… 

What I should do with my life: … all these words that you meant to say, held in silence day after day, words of kindness that our poor hearts crave… 

How can I get ahead in life: precious and fragile things need special handling… 

Getting back together: the Christmas spirit grows with each new day and it’s so close but seems so far away…

Wedding: … you are the angel and i am the one that is praying… 

Will I ever have children: … you have my heart so don’t hurt me, you’re what i couldn’t find…

Birth of child: … love, don’t let me go, won’t you take me where the streetlights glow…

Final battle: i am the sea on a moonless night, calling, falling, slipping tides, i am the leaky, dripping pipes, the endless aching drops of light, i am the raindrops falling down, always longing for the deeper ground, i am the broken, breaking seas, even my blood finds ways to bleed…

Death scene: … in the corner of my mind, baby, it feels like we’re running out of time… 

Funeral song: … fever in the morning, fever all through the night…

Life overview: i have been the wayward child…

End credits: … and now we’re people watching all the people watching us right back…


  • manigong bagong taon  +AMDG+
  • so… my brother shared this. does that mean it’s true???http://thedoghousediaries.com/2769?fb_action_ids=666807636704773&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_source=other_multiline&action_object_map=%5B10150367138658836%5D&action_type_map=%5B%22og.likes%22%5D&action_ref_map=%5B%5D
  • Happy Solemnity of Mary, Mater Dei!!!
  • one of the most beautiful sounds a child can encounter upon entering a room is the music of their parents laughing together.
  • myers’s dark does not equal brazilian cachaca, but rum balls are still rum balls, i suppose. i’ve missed making these 
  • http://www.rappler.com/move-ph/46933-new-year-resolutions-pope-francis-quotes
  • To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact you must give it to no one, not even an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements. Lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in that casket, safe, dark, motionless, airless, it will change. It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable. To love is to be vulnerable. ~ C.S. Lewis
  • hey UC kids, if you didn’t get the memo, our first day of class is canceled due to severe winter weather… http://local.nixle.com/alert/5119046/
  • first five pages of the last semester of undergraduate homework complete… now what?
  • no class tomorrow either?!?!?!?!
  • Short indeed is our life for loving, for giving, for making atonement. ~ St. Josemaria Escriva
  • How decisively it marks a stage, even in casual friendship, when two people begin, without effort and without embarrassment, to call one another by their Christian names! And when we fall in love, and all our experience takes on a sharper edge and little things mean so much to us, there is one Christian name in the world which casts a spell over eye or ear when we see it written on the page of a book, or overhear it mentioned in a conversation; we are thrilled by the mere encounter with it. And it was with this sense of personal romance that people like St. Bernard invested in the holy name of Jesus… ~ Knox, Sermon on The Divine Name
  • watching nippert be DESTROYED…
  • MOM Anya, i was totally meant to be back in choruses this semester; we’re singing O Virtus Sapientiae by St. Hildegard   
  • nippert’s being destroyed, and people-watching – face-watching, specifically – at TUC was never so amusing as now.
  • http://www.faithit.com/baby-box-rescue-seoul-south-korea-brave-pastor-disabilities/#.Us1lVaLvQTe.facebook
  • AAAAANNNDDDDD we’re singing Ave Verum Corpus again    St. Hildegard AND Mozart, BOOM! fireworks. and swing dancing tonight with some of my absolute favorite people in the world!!!!!!!
  • yayyy chorus retreat with Marty and Billy! we’ll be antisocial together… no, wait, that’s selectively social, right?
  •  and i found myself in You / amazing love / now what else shall i need / Your name brings life / it’s more than the air i breathe / take me to a place / where i can see You face to face http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBtx0GAASe0
  • // We live in a bizarre world where adults run and hide, duck and cover, while they put their kids out there on the front lines. If we are going to stand for Christ, our first mission is to reverse that. //http://www.patheos.com/blogs/publiccatholic/2014/01/evangelizing-the-world-begins-with-protecting-your-kids/
  • thanks for a perfectly lovely dose of laughter   Annie  Andrew Jesse  Aaron  Marty  Paco p.s. watch the first 35 seconds for the telepictionary reference…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuNIsY6JdUw
  • so the alarm goes off at 0530 and i fall back asleep… and dream about oversleeping and freaking out, and wake up freaking out that i’ve overslept at 0545. yep.
  • that Christ-pervaded moment when someone amazing stops to Name and hug you and blurts out, “i can’t stop – i’m actually really late to class – but i’m praying for you-” and as they hurry away, you see the rosary swinging from their fingers.  
  • prayer request for a friend who was in a car accident tonight and is in surgery now
  • Paco, i finished Shadow Puppets. AHHH!!!! starting Shadow of the Giant…
  • LOL from Catholic Drinkie http://www.businessinsider.com/abstaining-from-alcohol-significantly-shortens-life-2013-12
  • http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20140118/NEWS/301180046/Hundreds-partake-solemn-procession-against-abortion?nclick_check=1
  • tell it, kiddo!!!!// “When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.” -John Lennon //http://www.social-consciousness.com/2013/03/hackschooling-makes-me-happy-13yo-logan-laplante.html
  • Breaking News:
    License Denied Late Term Abortionist Martin Haskell
    Sharonville, Ohio, Abortion Center Outside the Law
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, January 21, 2014 (Cincinnati, OH): Sharonville Ohio’s dirty stigma as an abortion city is lifted! The Ohio Department of Health has denied notorious late term abortionist, Martin Haskell, a license to operate his Women’s Med Center abortion facility in this city. The facility’s operations are to cease effective February 4, 2014.”It is past time this abortion business was denied operations, for the health and well-being of this community and beyond, but even more for the little lives saved and for women’s safety,” said Paula Westwood, Executive Director, Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati. “Cincinnati Right to Life has been working for years to this end. Even if Haskell should appeal to the courts, his days of operation in this area are numbered.”Martin Haskell is known nationwide as a leading proponent of the gruesome partial birth abortion procedure. He has been performing abortions for months in Sharonville without a license, and without a transfer agreement or variance (exception) required of ambulatory surgical facilities in Ohio to cover patient emergencies at an area hospital.The Women’s Med Center is one of two abortion providers in Greater Cincinnati, together with Planned Parenthood responsible for the deaths of at least 2,500 unborn babies per year, and the emotional and spiritual devastation of their mothers and fathers.Haskell has been targeting women and their babies for abortion in Greater Cincinnati and the tri-state since the early 1970s. In November 2010, pediatrician Dr. Stephen Brinn exposed Haskell’s move from Jefferson Road in Cincinnati to Sharonville next to Dr. Brinn’s practice, initiating a public outcry in this family-friendly community.Cincinnati Right to Life has focused on closing the Women’s Med Center on every front possible–with grassroots pro-life citizens, pregnancy care centers, interfaith on-site prayer participants and sidewalk counselors, government officials, Operation Rescue, Ohio Right to Life and countless more.Thank you to each and everyone who has worked and prayed for this decision!
  • http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/two-va-woman-central-figures-in-antiabortion-resurgence/2014/01/21/8cfcd21e-7ef9-11e3-95c6-0a7aa80874bc_story.html
  • we march.http://www.lifenews.com/2014/01/22/19-beautiful-reminders-why-americans-march-for-life-today/ — with Marty Arlinghaus and 3 others at2014 March for Life.
  • two weeks until i get to hang with my inaanak!!!!    — with Can Diceand Elvin Tolentino.
  • Peppermint tea + hot chocolate mix. My discovery of the day.
  • We need to keep in mind that there is an order in charity. God has to be at the top of our priorities. The bonds of faith, of blood, of common interests, of work, of locale are also very important. It would be a strange form of charity indeed that would have us caring for strangers more than for our neighbors. Saint Augustine teaches that without excluding anyone he gave himself more generously to his friends and members of his own family. ‘In this expression of charity I have no regret, since I know that God is present in those who have been placed at my side.’
  • Stef my spring break is hereeeee – http://www.charlestonharborresort.com/
  • after three papers, all i want is to go to highland coffee house for drinks and sunka with a friend either tomorrow or thursday or friday afternoon. seriously. please? highland opens at 5pm…
  • yay, restringing the 12-string  which means, Andrew, that this jamm session seriously needs to happen before the Lenten season begins…
  •  let my words be Life, let my words be Truth, i don’t want to say a word unless it points the world back to You, i want to speak Your Love http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OjuCEvU1kw
  • today is buckle-down-and-knock-out-homework-for-the-next-seven-days snow day. blessedly optimistic, too 
  • http://catholicexchange.com/saint-gk-chesterton?fb_action_ids=685249501527253&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_source=other_multiline&action_object_map=%5B642273845836807%5D&action_type_map=%5B%22og.likes%22%5D&action_ref_map=%5B%5D
  • lecture on pickling –> craving kimchi…
  • http://youtu.be/sp7PS_UN8Lo


  • oh man. pinays ftw   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFuoQnwLFZ8
  • aannnddd matt walsh, ladies & gents // Love is a transformative force, and if you want to experience it you better be ready to change in every way imaginable. My wife does not “accept me,” and thank God for that. She challenges me. She makes me better. In other words, she loves me… Forget what you learned in elementary school. The only “participation trophy” you’re awarded from life is death. That’s the one thing we all get just for showing up. In the meantime, if you want something better, you have to earn it. //http://www.huffingtonpost.com/matt-walsh/if-i-cant-accept-you-at-y_b_4673582.html
  • // The greatest trick of the devil isn’t convincing the world he doesn’t exist—it’s convincing the world that Jesus Christ is the champion of his causes… Postmodern profiling by Rolling Stone should be taken seriously. But far more serious is our mandate to live charitably, joyfully, and boldly in discipleship of Jesus Christ. And the potential of living that mandate is limitless… If we live in fidelity to the Gospel, we’re vulnerable to far more than pop-culture persecution. But persecution is a part of the Christian mystery. And, if we live authentically, openly, and faithfully, persecution will lead to victory. //http://www.firstthings.com/web-exclusives/2014/02/our-pop-culture-moment
  • my grandparents were visiting for the weekend and now my sheets smell like old spice.
  • “rapid speed” and “flawless articulation” they say. dude, we’ll take it http://www.musicforallseasonscincinnati.com/winter-choral-showcase-college-conservatory-of-music/
  • i have lost count of snow days… it’s as if God is helping me to make up for all the snow days that never existed in the previous four-and-a-half years of my college career…
  • DEAR ERRBODY THAT I WISH WOULD COME VISIT ME THIS SUMMER… Here’s what’s up 5/24 Pig Roast6/14 Farm to Table Dinner
    6/21 Barn Dance
    6/29 Farm to Table Dinner7/21 Barn Dance
    7/24 Appetizer and Wine Tasting Benefit for Farming for our Future
    7/28 Farm to Table Dinner
    7/30 Farm to Table Dinner8/12 Pig Roast
    8/29 Barn Dance
    8/31 Farm to Table Dinner9/20, 21 Fall Festival
    9/27 Pig Roast
    9/27, 28 Fall FestivalFall Festival every weekend in October
    10/10 Farm to Table Dinner
    10/24 Halloween Costume Barn Dance
  • hey beer-liking friends, ticket sales for the 50 West brewery tour and dinner end in one week… you should come  http://ovift.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/50-West-Brewery-Tour-and-Dinner.pdf
  • Anthony Cory http://xkcd.com/1322/
  • i think i just got shot, like, twenty-ish times with a nerf gun. should i be proud of myself for sitting calmly like nothing was happening, or should i have charged and taken my opponent out?
  • http://www.ignitumtoday.com/2014/01/15/vocations-weve-got-wrong/?fb_action_ids=690040347714835&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_source=other_multiline&action_object_map=%5B449782958482248%5D&action_type_map=%5B%22og.likes%22%5D&action_ref_map=%5B%5D thanks, Paco  kuyaMarty, i think you’ll like this…
  • canada! lol my inaanak’s already sound asleep, so i’ll meet him in the morning… *crazy excited* xD
  • http://madworldnews.com/guess-what-chick-fil-a-is-forcing-on-people-now/
  • // As I lay here in this bed, ready to give my life for the child inside of me right now, it isn’t just because its my child. It’s because it is a human being. I am willing to die for an underdeveloped, dependent and inconvenient human being, because that human is my equal. //http://alwaysabeautifullife.tumblr.com/post/75674743400/i-just-recently-had-an-abortion-over-the-weekend-and-it
  • http://dappledthings.org/2943/the-new-pope-talks-about-the-content-of-his-briefcase/
  • // “If the biggest social problem we face right now in the United States is absentee dads,” he paused, “How will we insist that dads are essential when the law redefines marriage to make fathers optional?” //http://encourageandteach.wordpress.com/2014/02/04/the-best-argument-for-marriage-ive-ever-heard/
  • punch, strike down, counter, punyo, down, five, eight, six
  • uhm, i won a scholarship for writing about food? WHAAAAAATTTTTTT. xD
  • kuya Elvin, ate Can Dice,
    Paco and Migi and i all have profile pics with anton… haha 
  • bind up these broken bones, mercy bend and bring me back to life, but not before You show me how to die… let me go like a leaf upon the water, let me brave the wild currents flowing to the sea and i will disappear into a deeper beauty, but for now just stay with me
  • // ‘quod ubique, quod semper, quod ab omnibus’: ‘what has been believed everywhere, always, by everyone’ must be preserved as part of the deposit of faith… You are afraid of hurting people, of creating divisions and of giving the appearance of being intolerant…Forgive my sincerity: through your behaviour, you are falling into nothing less than the stupid and harmful intolerance that you were concerned to avoid: that of not allowing the truth to be proclaimed. //
  • some people are worth melting for… just maybe not right this second. –> IOW, can we control melt-rate, please?
  • // … there’s Frisbees being thrown, there’s beach balls going around, people waving lighters, and I go, ‘This is too much for me.’ I want the old way. I want to hang out with the, you know, with the nuns, you know, that was my favorite type of Mass, and the grotto, and just like straight up, just Mass Mass. //http://www.sanctepater.com/2012/02/jimmy-fallon-on-his-catholicism.html
  • Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is coming to The Underground??? that’s a band name i haven’t heard or thought of in a long while… Topski
    i kind of want to go…
  • Dreams of a future never found, / Memories of a past still sweet; / Half-writ poems, stories wild, / April letters, warm and cold, / Diaries of a wilful child, / Hints of a woman early old; / A woman in a lonely home, / Hearing, like a sad refrain, – / ‘Be worthy love, and love will come,’ / In the falling summer rain.
  • The snow is deep on the ground. / Always the light falls / Softly down on the hair of my belovèd. / This is a good world. / The war has failed. / God shall not forget us. / Who made the snow waits where love is. / Only a few go mad. / The sky moves in its whiteness / Like the withered hand of an old king. / God shall not forget us. / Who made the sky knows of our love. / The snow is beautiful on the ground. / And always the lights of heaven glow / Softly down on the hair of my belovèd.
  • // Society tells our daughters that men are boorish dolts who need to be herded like goats and lectured like school boys. Then they grow up and enter into marriage wholly unprepared and unwilling to accept the Biblical notion that “wives should submit to their husbands” because “the husband is the head of the wife.” [Ephesians 5]It is a fatal problem, because the one thing that is consistently withheld from men and husbands — respect — is the one thing we need the most. //http://themattwalshblog.com/2014/02/22/your-husband-doesnt-have-to-earn-your-respect/
  • another beautiful post from kuya marty http://www.ucssp.com/1/post/2014/02/everybody-bows.html
  • wwaaaahhhhttt!? !!!! http://moviepilot.com/posts/2014/02/24/the-true-identity-of-andy-s-mom-makes-toy-story-even-more-epic-1247874?lt_source=external%2Cshare_fb
  • freakingggg excited for this weekend… Albino Topski Erichttp://youtu.be/Q6SgsIAQi9c
  • http://www.catholicvote.org/beyond-the-great-lenten-phone-and-facebook-fast/
  • mid-week midmorning Confession enables one to do awesome things… like hit a high C – or two, or three… – in chorus rehearsal…


  • and after eight years of talking about it, i’m finally going to make it to the Arnold Classic. today.
  • passed within two feet of Jason Statham, Randy Couture, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. unreal.
  • started learning how to drive stick today. and then daddy takes over and FREAKS ME OUT by doing donuts. and he’s sitting there, laughing and laughing. i love my dad.


  • aaaaanddddd i started packing in earnest for pond hill today. Josie JilleisaKelsey Kelsey please say you’re going to be around for our first pig roast…
  • Easter Season commences!!!! wine and chocolate and endless alleluias 
  • just watch.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weVK3PoCzXY
  • i think lunch with a flavor technologist in the confectionary department should be mandatory at the beginning of every easter season so that one doesn’t have to worry about purchasing an obscene amount of easter candy.
  • uhm, guys, jelly roll’s first night of the season at legs is may 25th. i think we should go. Alise Benjamin Britanie Marci Chad Kelly Kelly Patrick Allison
  • GOING HOME!!!!!!! haven’t been home in… 8 years, 2 months, and 7 days. get to reset the make-it-home-at-least-every-ten-years clock. leaving my phone in the US.  go watch some mikey bustos –http://youtu.be/8q4krDLaqCI
  • no signals, no seatbelts, no mercy  i’m home!!!! salamat sa Diyos  — atBonifacio Global City.


  • the things mother and i watch at 7 in the morning…http://youtu.be/AAzwGEdHNhQ — at Forbeswood Heights Bonifacio Global City.
  • rosaries hanging from every rearview mirror, people getting on and off the bus in the middle of the street while the bus is still moving, and, quote of the day (in reference to a purse): “ang cute naman!!! parang may sakit…” — atGreenbelt 5.
  • “hey, there’s still san mig here.” “well i’m not having it for breakfast.” — atForbeswood Heights Bonifacio Global City.
  • dear US friends, have you ever seen people walking the dashed line(s) of two- or three-lane roads, selling peanuts and quail eggs and coconut pie? lol. it’s terrifying… — in Tagaytay City, Philippines.
  • san mig for breakfast. ano kami, pinoy-german?
  • … we are the reckless, we are the wild youth chasing visions of our futures… i’ve lost it all, i’m just a silhouette, a lifeless face that you’ll soon forget, my eyes are damp from the words you left ringing in my head, when you broke my chest, and if you’re in love then you are the lucky one ’cause most of us are bitter over someone, setting fire to our insides for fun to distract our hearts from ever missing them… — in Philippines.
  • officially back in the US of A… — in Detroit, MI.
  • uhmmm, mom Stef. look what moymoy palaboy did. i’m literally rotflwtime. like, forrealz, wtime.shumat ka muna.http://youtu.be/ANadAOF3ytA?t=1m33sMike Mapa TinTin Sison
  • mom Stef, i can’t write on your wall, but i can tag you in a post that will show up on your wall. so, guess what? i graduated cum laude again. wheee. now for that MA stuff.
  • one last Easter Rising concert with all of my favorite people 
  • Mt. Adams keeps coming up in my life as the place for all my relatively more major goodbyes. Like, this was round four. Marty  Annie  Andrew  Jennifer  Erin  Kody  Travis Thanks for letting me drag you everywhere in these early Saturday hours. Miss you all already.
  • as excited i am to get back to the farm, this gutting-my-room stuff is turning out to be pathetically heart-wrenching.
  • ahem. dear 2014 Pond Hill interns, the 2013 pond hill intern band will not have the pleasure of welcoming back half of its members this year, so we could use some new ones! your first assignment:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XQCQHUExX4 (but really, Missy &Ryan, we’re having a reunion at some point, right?)
  • what better way to spend a last saturday night at Domus Damascus than with a Kill Bill marathon, especially where it’s half the audience’s first opportunity to enjoy Elle vs. Bea? total win 
  • twelve-and-a-half years ago came the call that said i finally had a little lady baby to dress up – and, perfect! Yena was only a half-inch taller than my American Girl doll. less than two years later began the too-long stretch of months of fighting to keep her healthy and alive. today, our little miracle of a babygirl – now perfectly healthy – is being Confirmed  join her in prayer [and in person! at Annunciation] at 11am, as she celebrates this Sacrament! 
  • peace out, cinci, and thanks making the first half of 2014 totally amazing +AMDG+
  • i’ve been back in MI for five days and i’ve already put in 50+ hours, not counting paperwork/office stuffs on my ‘own time.’ eh. sounds about right.
  • yaaaayyyyyyy, i get the next three sundays off!!!  God is good.


  • a momentous occasion; Stef Ofhfs, take note. i no longer own a single pair of camo cargo pants from the boys’ section of aeropostale.
  • i’m officially done unpacking, AND i’ve rearranged my room enough to be able to set up a cot, so if [you’re a girl and] you’d like to come visit meeeeeee, we now have room to share my room. i’ll take the cot. 
  • weeeeiiirrrddddly surreal being back in my gutted room. looks the same as when i left it three weeks ago…
  • frying off tons of lumpia for tomorrow.paco: why are these so goooooood?
    me: uhm, because we’re pinoy?
  • Pentecost Sunday!!! And Grad Party Day!!!!!    — with Paco Josemaria P.
  • safely home at pond hill farm. thanks for all the prayers 
  • so… i heard today that cinci people were at the farmer’s market in harbor springs early this morning and asked for me by my [shortened] nickname. i’m still not 100% sure who they were based on the description i was given this afternoon… i figure anyone who knows me well enough to drop the a should be someone i would recognize, but i’m blanking. cinci friends, are any of you *here*????
  • bad morning, worse afternoon, long night ahead with a burnt/swollen/blistered hand. it’ll take a miracle to turn this day around. bet i’ve just jinxed it.
  • counting down the daysssss until Ashley and Jennifer and Regina get here!!!!!    Beth Ava Leslie wish you ladies could come up, too…
  • Today’s itinerary: Sam’s Graces, Mackinac Island, Legs Inn  — withJennifer Lynn Readnour and 2 others in Harbor Springs, MI.
  • Today’s itinerary (after finishing this Yuengling… and sleeping…): Mass, Stained Cup, downtown Harbor, Pond Hill, Petoskey Brewing Co., Mackinaw Trail Winery, Fustini’s, downtown Petoskey, Adoration, Chandler’s… etc.
  • heart just broke a little watching AshleyJennifer, & Regina drive away… Godspeed, dears.  — in Harbor Springs, MI.


  • Ms. Rachel Strotman showed her pretty face at Pond Hill Farm today thanks, dear. even though I couldn’t talk, it was just what I needed to keep going 
  • RYAN’S HERE. MIND BLOWN. — at Pond Hill Farm.
  • Just delightful how an hour-long late night call with an especially wonderful friend of nine years can erase all worries and give one so much positive energy for the morning. Praise God for Kuyas
  • To quote Jon, “Eat Bliss And Die.”
  • Aaaand you know it’s Bliss weekend because Josie and Kelsey and Jill and Kabot and Tony and Chris and Kenny are all back and Ais is SQUEALING with excitement every time a new (old) person walks in
  • That I am off work early enough to make it out to Bliss tonight is nothing short of miraculous. Almost makes up for all the Easter Rising concerts I’ve missed since heading north
  • Every winter, I seem to forget just how much pure bliss exists at Blissfest, just waiting to be encountered. Maybe forgetting what to anticipate makes it that much more enjoyable of an annual surprise?
  • d’awwwww, no apple pie moonshine tonight… — at 34th Annual Blissfest Music Festival.
  • Super nice lady gave me EIGHT pierogis for my breakfast this lovely last morn of Bliss. Pretty crazy happy stomach.
  • Drinking mocha and missing Mommy.
  • Such excitement this morning at work! Allie received roses and doesn’t know who they’re from…
  • Hey, Ais kinda sorta has a two-hour singing gig. Fun. And, you know, wine and beer tasting schtuffs.
  • ~ excuse me while i fall for you ~
  • // What have I done for my children? Cooked thousands of dinners, packed their school lunches, folded laundry, cleaned the home, volunteered in their school classrooms, helped with homework, read bedtime stories, chased away the monsters they thought lurked in their rooms at night, dried their tears, drove them to choir practice, to church, to school and to their friend’s homes. I sat up all night with them when they had fevers, and made sure they had a roof over their heads, clean clothes in their closet, and a full belly every night.There are too many teenagers out there today who are wondering what their parents have done for them. //and college kids. damn straight.http://www.huffingtonpost.com/marcia-kester-doyle-/rude-children-_b_5589057.html?ncid=fcbklnkushpmg00000037&ir=Parents
  • kody and brittany are here! and the kids get here on sunday! and mom and dad get here on wednesday! and all of this amounts to me missing domus damascus rather badly.
  • Counting down the hours… — with Paco Josemaria P and 5 others.


  • GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY — with Paco Josemaria P and 4 others.
  • me: Hey, where did these donuts come from?
    Scott: HELL. They are from Hell.
  • Today is a ‘put on a spotify station based on Billy Joel and miss Daddy’ day.
  • Give me back the joy of your salvation, and a willing spirit sustain in me.
  • When Ais brings maltodextrin and silicon dioxide to work, you get PEANUT BUTTER BACON HONEY POWDER.
  • Fingers crossed that the Grain Train has agar agar becauseeee we want to play with balsamic caviar for tomorrow’s dinner. Ayep.
  • ~ although i am broken, my heart is untamed still ~
  • one answered letter down!!! 12 more to go… haha letters from unc and kuya biboy in the same day! *happy dance*
  • PIG ROAST TONIGHT. Be here. — at Pond Hill Farm.
  • Twelve weeks today! Eleven-point-five left to go, then, “Out oars for Narnia!” will be singing my tired but hopefully peace-filled heart.
  • bits of today’s soul food:http://thefederalist.com/2014/08/12/masculinity-is-about-dominance-and-thats-a-good-thing/http://chastityproject.com/2014/08/dont-date-men-willing-save-sex-marriage/
  • It’s a Feast Day which means Pinoy breakfast for me… Garlic fried rice, so happy
  • That strange and not happy moment when you and the Master Vintner/Brewer are singing the theme song from Reading Rainbow and 90% of the FoH have no idea what’s up.
  • Just for the heck of it… — with Rose Cheuka and Chad Eric Petz at Palette Bistro.
  • first time for everything; this month, it’s wrist tendonitis. apologies to how this may slow down handwritten correspondence, dear patiently-waiting pen pals; fortunately, one can still type pretty well with a brace on, so maybe that’s the way we’ll go for now!
  • Ten weeks to home! Let the countdown begin!
  • http://youtu.be/sp7PS_UN8Lo?list=UUmv1CLT6ZcFdTJMHxaR9XeA
  • soooooooo, cinci kids, anyone driving up to cleveland the first weekend of september? this cinci kid will want to meet up.
  • my [first] little brother started COLLEGE today. at my alma mater. what madness is this?!
  • ~ there’s a light at the end of this tunnel ~
  • today’s bit of miracle crazy: very unexpectedly running into a fellow parishioner at a Matthew Kelly seminar, four hundred and sixty-two miles from our home parish.


  • tonight’s important discovery is that one of the greatest joys of babysitting, as in big sister-ing, is when the little ones decide that your arms are a perfectly acceptable and maybe even comfortable refuge in which they might brave that great trial, universally known to them as Bedtime.
  • ~ i’m coming home, tell the world, i’m coming home, let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday ~
  • okay, okay. so i confess that a) i’m kind of addicted to fast & furious, and b) as much as i can’t wait for 7, i’m really kind of upset that it puts them all on the prequels and sequels shelf at family video, thus putting a marathon quite out of my movie budget…
  • finally, finally got to sit down and have a drink with Chad, Benjamin, and Scott– all at the same time. gentlemen, thank you so, so much.
  • BCD breakfast and ziplining and ROAD TRIP! and here’s some catbug to make saturday that much more lovely http://youtu.be/9rax4tx5hrQ
  • aaaaaaanddddd the next thing to be checked off of aisa’s list will be ‘published author.’ hmm, except, does anyone outside of UCBA actually read The Blue Ash Review? lol.
  • “the great thing about stocking SPAM is that if ISIS come to get us, they can’t eat it. ” <– my mother is awesome.
  • it is THIRTY DEGREES colder here in harbor than in cinci right now. meh.
  • counting down the hours…
  • I was challenged by Ashley Ladouceur to list 10 books that stayed with me after I read them. I challenge Paco Josemaria P, Migi Mabp, Aliehs Notaeh,Annie Seiple, Alise Anna, Ryan Carpenter, and Marybeth Themann.1. The Long Patrol, Brian Jacques
    2. The Gunslinger, Stephen King
    3. In This House of Brede, Rumer Godden
    4. A Room with a View, E.M. Forster
    5. Shadow of the Giant, Orson Scott Card
    6. I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Joshua Harris
    7. Sense & Sensibility, Jane Austen
    8. Life of Christ, Fulton J. Sheen
    9. Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis
    10. Perelandra, C.S. Lewis

    Disclaimer: These are not my 10 favorite books but just 10 books that I can think of right now that have stuck with me.

  • joke’s on me, Paco Josemaria P; Genius is teaching me how much country is actually in my iTunes library.
  • here we go again… pacquiao vs. mayweather? please. please please yes.
  • http://www.movoto.com/…/things-you-learn-living-in-cincina…/ Stef Ofhfssugar & spice and abby girl sweets are prettyyyy good.
  • dried apricots and craisins and soda and SOUND OF MUSIC. sister time.
  • oh, this gem – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eh1vLqoqaY0
  • nothing like Oktoberfest and Homecoming afterparties for reintroducing one’s self to the best that Cinci nightlife has to offer. and apparently the Ohio Renaissance Festival is an excellent event at which to expand one’s arsenal.
  • Happy Birthday!!! to two of my favorite Pond Hill comrades, Chris Bergen &Danny Gallagher
  • i still can’t reach the turtles.http://xkcd.com/1416/
  • Ubi caritas est vera, Deus ibi est. — at Domus Damascus.
  • “Ate, I’m going to show you my most awesomest Bionicle creation ever. Ready? It’s Optimus Prime.” – Nino, 5
  • ~ ’cause you’re a sky full of stars, i’m gonna give you my heart ~
  • infusions…. — at The Brass Tap – U Square.
  • aaaaaand Don Alvaro is beatified http://www.philstar.com/…/filipinos-miracle-god-alvaro-del-…
  • HE’S BAAAAAAACCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!! God is so good.http://badcatholic.co/
  • Happy Feast Day!!!!!!!!! Migi Mabp Mike Mapa Michael Willig Michael-Vincent Malanyaon Mike Gunther Miguel Andres Miguel Francisco Gabriel Strotman Gabe D. Gabriella Alegría
  • tagay! LOL.http://tenminutes.ph/10-funny-side-pinoys-facing-the-floods/


  • Was it possible that only love could bend the bow of bronze?
  • aaaaandddd it’s winter soldier with the fam to finish off a beautiful day.
  • eeeeeeee my inaanak is a kuya!!!!
  • sixteen prayer warriors at vigil tonight!! epic God is so good.
  • name: ais
    vocation: iha, atehashtag blessed
  • hired on the spot, say what? some serious MCI love happening… thanks for all the prayers
  • Nothing is more practical than
    finding God, than
    falling in Love
    in a quite absolute, final way.
    What you are in love with,
    what seizes your imagination, will affect everything.
    It will decide
    what will get you out of bed in the morning,
    what you do with your evenings,
    how you spend your weekends,
    what you read, whom you know,
    what breaks your heart,
    and what amazes you with joy and gratitude.
    Fall in Love, stay in love,
    and it will decide everything.
  • i have never been jostled at molly malone’s as much as i was tonight… or had my hair patted by nobody remotely connected to my group, and simply told, “it’s poofy.” great, thanks… lolz cinci
  • most legit jamm session i’ve witnessed in years. thank You, Lord, for a perfectly epic beginning to the week
  • gaahhh!! happy Mass and lovely morning prayer and crazy awesome work and beautiful vigil and delicious dinner and so much laughter and all things good! mGbp
  • ~ basta’t kasama ang barkada / ano man ang iyong problema / gaano man kabigat ang pagsubok… magtiwala sa Diyos ~
  • … and she said, “There is nothing more beautiful than listening to a New Zealander cuss.” hashtag impromptu beer-and-bonfire-happy — with Albert Bloomfield and 2 others.
  • wait, wait. someone needs to send/bring me calamansi so that i can have a calamansi whiskey sour. PLEASE. preferrably in time for the inevitable multiple drinking sessions throughout the weekend of papa’s 86th birthday. papa’s so much fun at those.
  • three things that made today epic:1. super-humungous hugs from nino
    2. kentucky bourbon barrel ale on tap
    3. Eucharistic Holy Hour on the first feast day of St. JPII!!!!!
  • got stuck momentarily behind license plate “U 1NA BME.” honey, you are trying way. too. hard. anyway, today’s three epic things -1. FATHER GROGAN’S BACK. commence Father-Grogan’s-back happy dance.
    2. MOAR ky bourbon barrel ale on tap
    3. michael bublé on at work, guys talking about how stupid “quando, quando, quando” would sound if it were all in english…
  • guys. there’s silent disco at neons on halloween. !!!!!! Jennifer Mary
  • my five year-old brother just put his arms around my neck and whispered very deliberately in my ear, “hail hydra.” then, as he walks away, he asks, “hey – hey, ate, did you hear what i said?” sigh.
  • attempt mashup of first cut is the deepest and mirrors; yea, nay?
  • mother laughing with her brothers and mama: one of the most beautiful things in the world to wake up to, right up there with babies’ not-really-waking-up-yet squirming and cuddling.
  • spending my saturday watching a mechanical engineer and a mechanical sales engineer go car shopping because the 86th birthday boy has a car shopping itch. and mama’s pushing for red; sukang-suka na daw s’ya sa green xD oh, this is lovely.
  • YES. like grandfather, like granddaughter; parehong pula ang kotse
  • hey there FUS, thanks for letting me into grad school.
  • ~ No one falls in love by choice, it is by chance. No one stays in love by chance, it is by work. And no one falls out of love by chance, it is by choice. ~


  • swordfights and beer make everything better. best all hallows’ eve of my life God is so good!
  • perks of bringing your little brother on retreat:he makes epic mocha — withPaco Josemaria P at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center.
  • et veritas liberabit vos
  • ~ ’cause, honey, your soul could never grow old; it’s evergreen ~
  • previously unintroduced fellow daily Mass goer comes up to me in between Mass and Morning Prayer and asks point blank if i’m a nun. … that was a first…
  • Stef Ofhfs http://xkcd.com/1443/
  • wait, wait – tagalog is the most prominent second language in saudi arabia?!!?!?http://uk.businessinsider.com/the-second-languages-in-every…
  •  my 5-yo brother just led a decade of the rosary. proudest Ate moment.
  • Arlin’s and Adoration, because. Happy 21st, Andrew! — with Brian Boomerand 5 others at Arlins Bar & Garden.
  • my little sister just made an epic comeback in sunka; she went from three sunog to one!!! so proud
  • bamboo rice and hot chocolate. and paco’s practicing counter-to-counter with the syanse. Saturday morning love
  • big-kids-and-mom movie night watching Mockingjay Part 1 at AMC West Chester 18.
  • ~ are you, are you / coming to the tree / wear a necklace of rope, side by side with me / strange things did happen here / no stranger would it be / if we met up at midnight in the hanging tree ~
  • FINALLY sitting down for an x-men marathon with my dad. hashtag answered prayer, hashtag dream come true
  • Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned… lol. halfway through!
  • my contribution to dinner was [purchased] peach moonshine. paco’s not sure how he feels about it.


  • no idea what we’re drinking, but whatever it is plus tere’s ‘stache is a total win.— with Teresa Whitaker at Metropole.
  • baby bro just walked into my room and handed me yakult. DAY MADE.
  • Ramos Doug Paul i just found a video from 28 Sep 2012, 14:54, we’re sitting in TUC and the camera is focused on doug; something about him being the minority. then it shows the asian takeover of TUC.
  • phew. it’s been a few months since this little girl was out working this late. but hey! to all my dear friends who just finished a grueling week of finals, i drank 21-yo jefferson’s presidential select to your good health. holy.
  • turtles and chipmunks and birds, oh my.
  • FORREALZ???watching The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies withAshley Ladouceur and 8 others at Cinemark Oakley Station.
  • Easter Rising just played Mumford. life is perfectly lovely in every way. — withRebecca Rice at The Celestial Steakhouse.
  • Tracy Chapman, Jason Mraz, AND all the usual. Amazing set tonight. — withRebecca Rice at The Celestial Steakhouse.
  • spontaneous — with Aliehs Notaeh at Mimi’s Cafe.
  • “Look at all those people down there… They’re letting fear lead them.” “What happens if they don’t?” “Life’s simple. You make choices and you don’t look back.”
  • favorite sonny chiba movie – go! (help.) Albino Topski
  • my Godfather got me a hip flask. all prettied up in my absolute favorite color combination of black and sanguine, but a hip flask nonetheless. hm.
  • just seen in Clifton: skateboarding in shorts the week of Christmas. somehow all of those details went together and were important.
  • ~ what can i give Him, poor as i am? if i were a shepherd, i would bring a lamb. if i were a wise man, i would do my part, yet what can i give Him: give my heart ~
  • beer makes the last hour fly…
  • chugging coffee… midnightMassmidnightMassMIDNIGHTMASSmidnightMass… wish kuya was here…
  • maligayang pasko
  • my mama is 80 today!!! she taught me how to pray the Rosary, and made me eat the crusts on my grilled cheeses, and didn’t spank me when I poured perfume on a lighted lamp bulb and made it explode. Prosperidad mGbp
  • except the guy we’re welcoming home isn’t here to welcome… — with Mary Elizabeth Kunkel and 4 others at Oakley Pub and Grill.
  • my brothers offered to lend me their steelers gear for tonight. it was tempting, but i’d prefer to not get kicked out of molly malone’s…
  • I have never enjoyed a football game so much in my life. — with Megan Britney at Molly Malones Covington.

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