Walking With You

Dear Nino,

We took a walk around the block today. I learned so much! It seems kind of weird that when we moved into this house, your Ate Yena was just about the age that you are now. I’m sure she had lots to tell me, too, when we took walks around the block, and I wonder if I took notes on those conversations, too.

I want to remember all the things that you told me and showed me today! Here is what I can remember:

  • How to identify maple trees by their leaves…
  • The dog a few houses down…
  • I shouldn’t eat red berries off of trees, because they will make me dead; not might make me dead, but will make me dead; not some times, but all times.
  • You are allergic to pollen so you can’t blow dandelions.
  • Dandelion thingies are sticky, and you think that it is honey that makes them stick to the stems.
  • Since you can’t blow dandelions, you can kick them and all of the things will come off just like if you blowed them!
  • Ate reached up to touch what she thinks will mature into pears, but you told me not to because they might be poisonous and I might get dead. But you wanted to see how high I could kick, so you pointed out branches for me to kick. And you showed me your awesome roundhouse kicks and back hook kicks. Superb kicks, kiddo.
  • The lines of the sidewalk are, “power lines,” and we need to jump over them. If there are triangles and rectangles, we can jump over two at a time and do combos.
  • You kicked something and told me that it was a walnut that wasn’t ripe yet. I asked how you knew it was a walnut and how you knew it wasn’t ripe yet. You kept walking.
  • How to skip!
  • “Leaves of three, let them be.”
  • Where the dirt doesn’t quite meet the sidewalk are called, “side ditches,” and you believe that that is where all the ants go.
  • You can jump three feet with your feet together!!!
  • You can climb the tree in front of our house pretty crazy well, and you showed me where the best place to sit is, because it locks your feet in, and how you can hang from the branch and get down pretty easily all by yourself. You’re a big boy!
  • Leaves that aren’t dried yet won’t crackle. You can rip them apart, but only the dry ones crackle when you crumble them in your hand.
  • Dance while you walk!

Thanks for taking a walk with me, Nino!


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