Michigan ~ Day 194

Yuengling Black & Tan never tasted so good.

Fr. Joe’s back!!!! Here I was, telling – ok, complaining to – Marty that I miss Fr. Joe, for many reasons; and my first Morning Prayer and Mass back in Harbor, here’s Fr. Joe, telling me that he’d asked so many people if they’d heard how my surgeries went after I left last year.

After Mass, Fr. Joe introduced me to Claudia, who somehow got around to telling me about her class of First Communicants. We’re planning on bringing her class out for lunch at the farm on one of my days off, and the kids will go to her house for a pool party afterwards; but before and after lunch, we’ll make time for the Office and Midday Prayer.

Scott’s grateful about having another guy in the kitchen again, and I’m grateful for having another Asian in the kitchen for the first time.

We won third place at Team Trivia again! And even though I was late, I was happily able to contribute 6 points in the last round: Category was Parks, and the question was, In which major U.S. city was Forest Park, Tower Grove Park, and Carondelet Park found?

And now I’ve ditched everyone terribly early [because I’m getting up at 0600], but it was terribly nice to be present for the first fifteen minutes of the first bonfire of the season, AND to have such a nice beer to go down like water, AND to have temporarily misplaced my wine key but to then remember(!!!) that KJ showed me how to use the drawer handles in the kitchen and in our bedrooms as a bottle opener(!!!) and showing Chad how it worked.


Fr. Joe’s challenge for today was to share the peace of Christ with others. I think I lost it ever so slightly for about 30 minutes today, but there. We shall try again tomorrow =)



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