Michigan ~ Day 193

GOD IS SO GOOD. It’s not even noon yet and I’m on this crazy high. And yes, Marty and I were just talking about the dangers of spiritual rollercoasters over a delicious meal at Metropole yesterday, but this – this is the blessed high of everyday things. It’s…

  • the new flattop and countertop spaces that Scott and Allie showed me last night when I got back from Cinci
  • the letter I received from Steffy this morning
  • the good morning hug from Kelly, and then more hugs from Alise and Allie and Chad and Benjamin and Jimmy
  • the ten minutes I spent picking basil for the “caprese” mac salad that Allie and I came up with this morning
  • Karen and Sandy coming in for their usual glass of chardonnay and vegan grilled veggie wrap respectively and wanting to say hi and visit for a bit
  • Allie dancing on the line next to me
  • the arnold palmer in my cup from MCI Receiving days that still bears my full name when everything else has more or less worn off
  • using my incredibly generous monetary grad gifts to order my own set of the Liturgy of the Hours
  • having Yuengling and Sam Adams sitting in my trunk
  • the glazed almonds I love to snack on
  • the hugs I got from Mom and the kids yesterday before I left and the over-the-phone goodnights from all of them
  • meeting my new kitchen intern and looking forward to working with him
  • the blue skies
  • yesterday’s gorgeous sunset
  • the hug Scott let me have when I walked in last night
  • the music Allie and I keep on all day
  • rediscovering Falling Slowly in my iTunes library and suddenly remembering that Alise was the one who introduced me to that song and that I learned it just so that we could sing it together last year
  • all of the crazy amazingly sweet messages in my yearbook that I can look over anytime that I need a smile
  • Nino’s I-miss-you letter that I need to frame
  • the email from Marty with the ‘syllabus’ for the SSP’s formation program
  • the ten minutes I spent at the top of the vineyards this morning
  • the text from Jason saying he wants to plan on coming to visit me
  • cherry sours
  • the squeaky-clean feeling from Confession yesterday
  • recording a video for Missy with Allie and Alise
  • the new books from Ashley sitting on my need-to-read pile
  • the anticipation of ballroom dancing tonight and Mass and Morning Prayer tomorrow
  • making it through all twenty decades on the drive home yesterday

…. and a million other things. There’s so much to be thankful for!!! Today’s going to be a beautiful day. I know it.


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