Michigan ~ Day 181


Jn 16:12

I have much more to tell you, but you cannot bear it now.


… everybody says that time heals everything, but what of the wretched hollow, the endless in-between, are we just going to wait it out and sit here, cold… fluorescent lighting sets the scene for all we could and should be being in the one life that we’ve got…


Day 181 in Michigan… Crazy.

I got back on the 20th, started working on the 21st, and haven’t stopped working. My first official off-day will be on Friday. Only twice so far have I gotten off work before 7. It’s been insane.

And I’ve been exhausted, especially the 23-ish hours on just Saturday and Sunday, but I sat down on Sunday night – Monday morning? it was midnight – and had to smile. I’m tired after every day here, but there were too many nights after Daveed’s or Mantra or MCI that I sat down at home and asked myself why I was still doing what I was doing. I never ask myself that question here. I’m tired, and sometimes angry, and sometimes sad, and once in a while a little less proud of the day than on most days, but I’ve never had to ask myself why I come back to Michigan at all. I’m glad that I’ve basically sworn off making plans for the rest of my life, because He is totally messing with my head right now. In a totally good way.

Half of the crew is made up of people from the past two years, and specifically two members of the other half were born and raised in Cincinnati and it turns out that we have mutual Sycamore friends. Small world! But I digress. It’s a blessing to be working with mostly the same people again… the Spencers of course, and Nina’s here, and Chad, Kafui, Benjamin AND Britanie(!!!), KJ(!!!!!!!), Pat and Kelly, Alise, and even Jill’s back to serve occasionally. It was so much fun to walk in and actually not meet anyone new for the first half hour, but rather be greeting/hugging one familiar warm body after another.

And then I started meeting new interns and I’m just as excited about this season as I was for the past two. Missy ‘sent’ Allie our way, and she’s my new Missy, and I think Jon will end up being my kind-of Ryan. I’m happy.

On a side note, Ryan’s visiting for sure – he’s already messaged me dates and instructions for music – and Missy’s promised to do her best. Now, if only we could get Bergen back for Blissfest…

In spite of how busy we’ve been, Scott’s still as understanding as ever about priorities, so in spite of a pig roast and a farm-to-table dinner back-to-back on crazy busy Memorial Day weekend, he let me bounce for a few hours to make it to Confession and Mass on Saturday. He also let me leave fifteen minutes early last night, and I was able to catch the 6pm Mass in Harbor. I never expect people to remember me, but the daily Mass-goers were coming over to say ‘welcome back,’ and they don’t know my name and I don’t know theirs, but there you are.

Today, I was able to attend Mass and Morning Prayer, and ended up sitting down for coffee with Andy afterwards in the office. Two summers and we’ve never actually had a real conversation until today. I hope we’ll be able to chat over coffee many more times over the next six months, and I think I might finally find a place in the young adult community here.


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