Hashtag SUCCESS Hashtag AmericanDream

Two degrees, five certificates, zero debt, cash-paid bright red manual transmission car [“- named Z-Z-RED!!! (Short for zoom-zoom-ready-eat-dust.)” – Paco], dream job with a dream team.

Projected expense for Master’s Degree < tuition for one year of Bachelor’s Degree.

Intact functional happy family, incredible friends, three Godchildren, excellent wine and beer and so much Filipino liquor, best food in the world, time to read, the will to write, 12-string Taylor, electric violin, Balintawak, ballroom dancing, Shun knives, decent camera, smart phone [after six years of somewhat deliberate rebellion].

Laughter. Adventures. Christ. Love.

“You should tweet it, too.” – Paco


Pare, shumat ka muna.



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