04.25.14 ~ Friday in the Octave of Easter


In Conversation with God:

Love, love is farsighted. Love is the first to appreciate kindness…

In the absence of Christ the day becomes night, an empty night, just another day in our life. Our efforts are not enough by themselves; we need God for them to bear fruit. By the side of Christ, when we have him with us, our days are enriched. Pain and illness are converted into a treasure that lasts beyond death: with Jesus by our side the question of living with those who surround us become s a whole world of possibilities for doing good: opportunities for attention, encouragement, cordiality, prayer for others…

Jesus already knew the defects of his Apostles when he called them. He wants them as they are…

If Our Lord never gets tired of giving his help to everybody, how can we who are only instruments ever become discouraged? …

The path that leads to Heaven is not a short one…

CCC #612

The cup of the New Covenant, which Jesus anticipated when he offered himself at the Last Supper, is afterwards accepted by him from his Father’s hands in his agony in the garden at Gethsemani, making himself “obedient unto death”. Jesus prays: “My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me. . .” Thus he expresses the horror that death represented for his human nature. Like ours, his human nature is destined for eternal life; but unlike ours, it is perfectly exempt from sin, the cause of death. Above all, his human nature has been assumed by the divine person of the “Author of life”, the “Living One”. By accepting in his human will that the Father’s will be done, he accepts his death as redemptive, for “he himself bore our sins in his body on the tree.”


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