04.12.14 ~ Saturday of the Fifth Week of Lent


In Conversation with God:

What can have happened to his soul that he would now betray the Lord for thirty pieces of silver?

For it to be explicable, there must have been a long story behind the betrayal that night. For sometime Judas would have been distant from Christ even though he was still in his company. On the surface he would have remained normal, but he must have changed inside and become distant. The split with the Master, the loss of faith and his vocation must have taken place little by little, as he yielded in more and more important things…

Now he does not remember the miracles, the cures, the happy moments with the Master, his friendship with the other apostles. He is now a man who has lost his way, out of touch, quite capable of committing the madness…

A house is not destroyed by a momentary impulse…

CCC #393

It is the irrevocable character of their choice, and not a defect in the infinite divine mercy, that makes the angels’ sin unforgivable. “There is no repentance for the angels after their fall, just as there is no repentance for men after death.”


… You know just how far the east is from the west, from one scarred hand to the other…


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