03.24.14 ~ Monday of the Third Week of Lent


In Conversation with God:

Do you behave like this when God commands, when so often you can’t see, when your soul is worried and the light is gone? What power could the water possibly contain that when the blind man’s eyes were moistened with it they were cured? Surely some mysterious eye-salve, or a precious medicine made up in the laboratory of some wise alchemist, would have been more efficacious? But the man believed; he acted upon the command of God, and he returned with eyes full of light…

The water of that pool went on being water, and the clay continued to be clay. But the blind man recovered his sight with a deeper, living faith in the Lord… Without docility, spiritual guidance remains fruitless. And one cannot be docile if he insists on being stubborn, obstinate, incapable of assimilating an idea different from those he already holds, or which he has got into his head as a result of some negative experience when he has not counted on the help of grace…

CCC #298

Since God could create everything out of nothing, he can also, through the Holy Spirit, give spiritual life to sinners by creating a pure heart in them, and bodily life to the dead through the Resurrection. God “gives life to the dead and calls into existence the things that do not exist.” and since God was able to make light shine in darkness by his Word, he can also give the light of faith to those who do not yet know him.


… what can wash away my sins, nothing by the blood of Jesus…


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