03.19.14 ~ Solemnity of Saint Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary


Lk 2:49

And he said to them, “Why were you looking for me? Did you not know that I must be in my Father’s house?”

In Conversation with God:

Drinking the cup of another was a sign of deep friendship and of readiness to share a common destiny. It is to this intimate relationship that Our Lord invites those who wish to follow him…

… sorrow will always be able to associate itself with the Lord’s chalice, to unite itself to his passion… What previously was meaningless… makes sense in Christ…

What joy we give to God when we are happy to lay aside our third-rate painting efforts and let him put the features and colours of his choice! …

CCC #285

Since the beginning the Christian faith has been challenged by responses to the question of origins that differ from its own. Ancient religions and cultures produced many myths concerning origins. Some philosophers have said that everything is God, that the world is God, or that the development of the world is the development of God (Pantheism). Others have said that the world is a necessary emanation arising from God and returning to him. Still others have affirmed the existence of two eternal principles, Good and Evil, Light and Darkness, locked, in permanent conflict (Dualism, Manichaeism). According to some of these conceptions, the world (at least the physical world) is evil, the product of a fall, and is thus to be rejected or left behind (Gnosticism). Some admit that the world was made by God, but as by a watch-maker who, once he has made a watch, abandons it to itself (Deism). Finally, others reject any transcendent origin for the world, but see it as merely the interplay of matter that has always existed (Materialism). All these attempts bear witness to the permanence and universality of the question of origins. This inquiry is distinctively human.


… so i throw my life upon all You are ’cause i know You gave it all for me, and when all else fades, my soul will dance with You where the love lasts forever…


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