03.16.14 ~ Second Sunday of Lent


2 Tim 1:10

Now it has come to light, since our Saviour Jesus Christ came to enlighten us; now he has annulled death, now he has shed abroad the rays of life and immortality, through that gospel…

In Conversation with God:

Of you my heart has spoken…

In the midst of greatest sufferings he gives us the consolation we need to keep going forward…

At the time of temptation think of the Love that awaits you in heaven… There, all is repose, joy and delight; all serenity and calm, all peace, splendour and light… there is no night, or twilight, heat or cold, or any change in one’s way of being, but a state such as can be understood only by those who are worthy to possess it… there is no old age, or sickness, or anything allied to corruption, because it is the place and the home of immortal glory…

… above all this the everlasting presence and possession of Christ…

… speak to him as your most beloved friend, tell him about your feelings with all freedom and confidence. ‘She hastens to make herself known to those who desire her.’ Without waiting for you to come close to him, he hastens towards you when you seek his love, and he presents himself to you, granting you the graces and remedies that you need. He only waits for one word from you in order to show you that he is beside you and wants to listen to you and console you…

CCC #197

As on the day of our Baptism, when our whole life was entrusted to the “standard of teaching”, let us embrace the Creed of our life-giving faith. To say the Credo with faith is to enter into communion with God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and also with the whole Church which transmits the faith to us and in whose midst we believe:

This Creed is the spiritual seal, our heart’s meditation and an ever-present guardian; it is, unquestionably, the treasure of our soul.


… love unfailing, overtaking my heart, You take me in, finding peace again, fear is lost in all You are…


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