03.09.14 ~ First Sunday of Lent


Rom 5:12, 15 – 17

It was through one man that guilt came into the world; and, since death came owing to guilt, death was handed on to all mankind by one man… the grace which came to us was out of all proportion to the fault. If this one man’s fault brought death on a whole multitude, all the more lavish was God’s grace, shewn to a whole multitude, that free gift he made us in the grace brought by one man, Jesus Christ. The extent of the gift is not as if it followed a single guilty act; the sentence which brought us condemnation arose out of one man’s action, whereas the pardon that brings us acquittal arises out of a multitude of faults. And if death began its reign through one man, owing to one man’s fault, more fruitful still is the grace, the gift of justification, which bids men enjoy a reign of life through one man, Jesus Christ.

CCC #157

Faith is certain. It is more certain than all human knowledge because it is founded on the very word of God who cannot lie. To be sure, revealed truths can seem obscure to human reason and experience, but “the certainty that the divine light gives is greater than that which the light of natural reason gives.” “Ten thousand difficulties do not make one doubt.”

In Conversation with God:

Our Lord did everything for our instruction… so he wished to be led out into the wilderness and there to enter into combat with the devil. he did this in order that the baptised should not be troubled if after Baptism they suffer still greater temptations, as though such were not to be expected…

The temptations of Our Lord are also the temptations of his servants individually. But the scale of them, naturally, is different; the devil is not going to offer you and me all the kingdoms of the world…

The devil always promises more than he can give. Happiness is very far from being his gift. Any temptation is always a miserable deception. In order to test us, the devil takes advantage of our ambitions…

Totus Tuus:

Mary, standing erect at the foot of the cross, witnessed the love of Jesus for his Father. She heard his cry of thirst. She gazed upon his opened heart. And, she consented to his sacrifice, offering her whole self, her motherhood, with him as a living sacrifice of praise to God…

When we love someone, we naturally regret the things we have done to hurt them and we intensely desire to reciprocate any love they show us…

… by the very reason of our love’s intensity, we are made more capable of bearing suffering. When people no longer love, they become incapable of bearing suffering to the same degree…

When we love, we go beyond our suffering; our hurts are still there, but they are transformed by love, and we only see the intensity of love, a love which seeks union [with the beloved].


… the woods are lovely, dark and deep, but i have promises to keep and miles to go, and miles to go, and miles to go…


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