Jas 5:13, 19 – 20

Is one of you unhappy? Let him fall to prayer. Is one of you cheerful? For him, a psalm… My brethren, if one of you strays from the truth, and a man succeeds in bringing him back, let him be sure of this; to bring back erring feet into the right path means saving a soul from death, means throwing a veil over a multitude of sins.

CCC #113

Read the Scripture within “the living Tradition of the whole Church”. According to a saying of the Fathers, Sacred Scripture is written principally in the Church’s heart rather than in documents and records, for the Church carries in her Tradition the living memorial of God’s Word, and it is the Holy Spirit who gives her the spiritual interpretation of the Scripture.

In Conversation with God:

This spirit of divine sonship implies a sense of being utterly dependent on our Heavenly Father and a facility for abandoning ourselves confidently to his loveable Providence, just as a child entrusts everything to his father; the relationship presupposes the humility to acknowledge that we can do nothing by ourselves; and it implies simplicity and sincerity, qualities that prompt us to let ourselves be seen by others as we really are…

Spiritual childhood is not spiritual immaturity or foolishness or softness… the child is a creature who does not hold grudges, who is ignorant of duplicity or fraud, who dares not deceive. The Christian, like a small child, does not grow angry if he is insulted, does not seek revenge if he is treated badly. More than that, the Lord even requires him to pray for his enemies, to give his shirt and coat to those who would wear them, to present the other cheek to those who strike him. A child easily forgets and does not store up grievances. A child has no real sorrows…


… it’s killing you, don’t you know that it’s killing me, too, your heartbreak is breaking you…


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