Lv 19:1, 17 – 18

You must be men set apart… Do not nurse resentment against thy brother; put thyself in the right by confronting him with his fault. Do not seek revenge, or bear a grudge for wrong done to thee by thy fellow-citizens; thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself; thy Lord is his.

1 Cor 3:16 – 17

Do you not understand that you are God’s temple, and that God’s Spirit has his dwelling in you? If anybody desecrates the temple of God, God will bring him to ruin. It is a holy thing, this temple of God which is nothing other than yourselves.

Mt 5:44, 46 – 48

Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, pray for those who persecute and insult you… If you love those who love you, what title have you to a reward? Will not the publicans do as much? If you greet none but your brethren, what are you doing more than others? Will not the very heathen do as much? But you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

CCC #25

To conclude this Prologue, it is fitting to recall this pastoral principle stated by the Roman Catechism:

The whole concern of doctrine and its teaching must be directed to the love that never ends. Whether something is proposed for belief, for hope or for action, the love of our Lord must always be made accessible, so that anyone can see that all the works of perfect Christian virtue spring from love and have no other objective than to arrive at love.

In Conversation with God:

Our Lord… calls for us to be charitable at all times… finding… was of being help to others, such as by making those at our side happy, realizing that we can never be too extravagant in the practice of this virtue… do good always, even though occasionally such an attitude will not result in any human gain in this world – but at least we will have enriched our hearts.

Charity makes us understanding, ready to forgive, fit to live alongside everyone, so that those who think and act differently from us in social, political and even in religious matters will also have a claim on our respect and charity… 

Jesus taught us to regard sin as the only true evil and to avoid considering anyone as our personal enemy… The various manifestations of charity do not conflict with the exercise of prudence in the just defence of one’s legitimate interests or those of others, or the rights of the Church, or in the proclamation of the truth in the face of lies… But a Christian should always have a big heart and show respect for all, even for those who act as enemies, not because they are brothers… but because brothers they must become; one must show fraternal love towards him who is already a brother, and towards the one who acts as an enemy, so that he may become a brother…

For if you love those that love you, what reward shall you have? …

… since charity must be ordered, the Christian should practise this virtue primarily with those that God has placed close to him; nevertheless our respect and affection for other should be in now way exclusive or focused on only a small circle of friends. Our Lord does not wan an apostolate with limited horizons.


… i can’t get beyond the questions, clambering for the scraps in the shatter of us collapsed, it cuts me with every could-have-been, pain on pain on play, repeating with the backup makeshift life in waiting…


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