Jas 2:1 – 9

Brethren, you believe that all glory belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ; do not combine this faith of yours with flattery of human greatness. Suppose that a man comes into your place of meeting in fine clothes, wearing a gold ring; suppose that a poor man comes in at the same time, ill clad. Will you pay attention to the well-dressed man, and bid him take some place of honour; will you tell the poor man, Stand where thou art, or Sit on the ground at my footstool? If so, are you not introducing divisions into your company? Have you not shewn partiality in your judgement? Listen to me, my dear brethren; has not God chosen the men who are poor in the world’s eyes to be rich in faith, to be heirs of that kingdom which he has promised to those who love him? And here are you putting the poor man to shame. Is it not the rich who use their power to oppress you? Are not they the very men who drag you into court, the very men who speak evil of that honoured name, by which you are called? True, you do well to observe, in their regard, the royal law you find in the words of scripture, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. But if you flatter the great, you incur guilt; the law finds you out in a transgression.

In Conversation with God:

In a frank and affectionate way He then asks his disciples, But you, who do you say that I am? He does not ask them for a more or less favourable opinion. He asks them for the firmness of faith…

Our Lord has the right to ask also of us a clear confession of faith with words and deeds, in a world in which confusion, ignorance and error seem to be the normal thing. We are closely united to Jesus by Baptism… It is a communion of life much deeper than could possibly exist between any two human beings…

In each Mass Christ offers himself up completely, together with the Church… By reason of their union with Christ through the Church, the faithful… also offer themselves with him. They take part in the Mass… as those who offer and are offered… If we live the Mass well it can transform our lives. If we have in our souls the same sentiments and intentions as Christ on the Cross, we will make our whole life an endless act of atonement, an assiduous petition and a permanent sacrifice for the whole of mankind. God will grant you a supernatural instinct to purify all your actions, raising them to the order of grace and converting them into instruments of apostolate…

… by the ‘character’ that is graven upon their souls… they share in the priesthood of Christ Himself…

In the Mass each day we can offer up all created things and all our actions: our work, our sorrows, our family life, our fatigue and tiredness, the apostolic initiatives we want to undertake that day… The Offertory is a particularly appropriate moment for us to present our personal offerings… What do we place each day on the paten? What does God find there? …

… all that is ours becomes his – prayer, work, joys, thoughts and desires…

… in a mysterious but real way, our day forms part of the Mass… our day becomes a prolongation of the Sacrifice of the Altar. Our existence and our activity is, as it were, a matter of the Eucharistic Sacrifice to which it is directed and in which it is offered. The Holy Mass orders and centres the entire day with its joys and sorrows…

Never get used to celebrating or attending the Holy Sacrifice: in fact, do so with such devotion as you would if it were the only Mass of your life, knowing that Christ, God and Man, Head and Body, is always present…

CCC #6:

While not being formally identified with them, catechesis is built on a certain number of elements of the Church’s pastoral mission which have a catechetical aspect, that prepare for catechesis, or spring from it. They are: the initial proclamation of the Gospel or missionary preaching to arouse faith; examination of the reasons for belief; experience of Christian living; celebration of the sacraments; integration into the ecclesial community; and apostolic and missionary witness.

Liturgy of the Hours:

… it was not in my bow that I trusted nor yet was I saved by my sword… though we had not forgotten you; though we had not been false to your covenant, though we had not withdrawn our hearts; though our feet had not strayed from your path… you have crushed us in a place of sorrows and covered us with the shadow of death… It is for you that we face death all day long and are counted as sheep for the slaughter… He who walks honestly walks securely… he who frankly reproves promotes peace. A fountain of life is the mouth of the just… love covers all offenses. On the lips of the intelligent is found wisdom… Where words are many, sin is not wanting; but he who restrains his lips does well. Like choice silver is the just man’s tongue; the heart of the wicked is of little worth… Christ says to you: Open the door to me, my sister, my spouse. Listen and learn how you are to awaken Christ. Your soul says: I charge you, daughters of Jerusalem, awaken or reawaken the love of my heart. Christ is that love.


… whatever it is you may be going through, i know He’s not gonna let it get the best of you, you’re an overcomer, stay in the fight ’til the final round, you’re not going under ’cause God is holding you right now, you might be down for a moment feeling like it’s hopeless, that’s when He reminds You that you’re an overcomer, hang on to His promises, He wants You to know… the one who overcame death is living inside of You…


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