Jas 1:2 – 3

Consider yourselves happy indeed, my brethren, when you encounter trials of every sort, as men who know well enough that the testing of their faith breeds endurance.

Liturgy of the Hours:

… I am in distress. Tears have wasted my eyes, my throat and my heart. For my life is spent with sorrow and my years with sighs… I am like a dead man, forgotten, like a thing thrown away… Save me in your love…

Let not kindness and fidelity leave you; bind them around your neck…

… those whom he loves the Lord reproves, just as a father chastises a favorite son…

If you are looking for it, really look. Be converted and come.

The word is near you, in your heart and on your lips, provided that you seek it honestly. Insofar as you find wisdom in your heart, prudence will flow from your lips, but be careful that it flows from and not away from them, or that you do not vomit it up. If you have found wisdom, you have found honey. But do not eat so much that you become too full and bring it all up. Eat so that you are always hungry. Wisdom says: Those who eat me continue to hunger. Do not think you have too much of it, but do not eat too much or you will throw it up. If you do, what you seem to have will be taken away from you, because you gave up searching too soon.

Man believes with his heart and so he is justified. He confesses with his lips and so he is saved. In the beginning of his speech the just man is his own accuser, next he gives glory to God, and thirdly, if his wisdom extends that far, he edifies his neighbor.

In Conversation with God:

Giving always dignifies the heart of the giver and ennobles it…

We should offer the Lord the sacrifice of Abel. Let it be a sacrifice of young, unblemished flesh, the best of the flock; of a healthy and holy flesh; a sacrifice of hearts that have one love alone…

… David wanted to build a house for the Ark of the Covenant, which had until that time been kept in a tent… In that tent Yahweh had made his presence known in a mysterious way, by means of a cloud and other extraordinary phenomena. And all this was no more than a figure, a shadow. On the other hand, God is really present in the tabernacles where the Blessed Eucharist is reserved. We have Jesus Christ here… with his Body, his Blood, his Soul and Divinity. In the Tabernacle Jesus presides over us, loves us, waits for us…

When the Body of Jesus is in the hands of those who love Him, they rival one another in showing the greatness of their love for him.


… i realized that forever was in your eyes the moment i saw you cry…


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