In Conversation with God:

… true prayer is infallibly effective. God has decreed that it should be so, and He does not change his mind… when we pray with a right intention, He hears us and listens to us… God has never refused anything and will refuse nothing to those who ask his prayer in the proper way. Prayer is the great means we have for overcoming sin, for preserving grace, for turning our hearts to God and drawing down upon us all kinds of blessings, whether for our souls or for our temporal needs…

At times He makes us wait so that we might be better disposed, so that we will desire those graces more earnestly and fervently… Our prayer has to be filled with trust… It has to be confident… God knows what we need better than we do ourselves.

Trust leads us to ask with constancy, with perseverance…

Pray for me, I said as I always do. And he answered in amazement: But is there something wrong? I had to explain that something is the matter or happens to us all the time; and I added that when prayer is lacking, ‘more and more weighty things are the matter.’ …


Adam and Solomon preferred the company of sin to the company of God. The woman who asked for the demon to be made to leave her daughter showed by her response to Jesus’ apparent lack of urgency a desire for the company of Christ above all things, even if it meant being humiliated; she showed that her faith and love made her willing to die to self.



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