Mk 7:15, 21 – 23

Nothing that finds its way into a man from outside can make him unclean; what makes a man unclean is what comes out of a man…  For it is from within, from the hearts of men, that their wicked designs come, their sins of adultery, fornication, murder, theft, covetousness, malice, deceit, lasciviousness, envy, blasphemy, pride and folly. All these evils come from within, and it is these which make a man unclean.

In Conversation with God:

Sweat and toil offered up with love become treasures of holiness, for work done for love of God is the way that Men are given to share, not only in the work of Creation, but also in the work of the Redemption…

The Christian who shirks his temporal duties, shirks his duties towards his neighbour, neglects God himself, and endangers his eternal salvation…

… God asks us for… a spirit of service, which is both pleasant for others and demanding on ourselves; for simplicity and humility, so that we teach without giving ourselves too much importance; for serenity, so that intense activity does not turn into mere activism. We need to know how to leave our work and worries to one side when the time comes to stop in order to pray or to look after the various members of the family. We do not make it an excuse when the time comes to listen to our wife, our husband, our children, our parents, or our friends…


We do not come to Mass merely to take; we come to receive, and receiving starts with listening.


… we won’t run, and we won’t run, and we won’t run… they won’t wait, and they won’t wait, and they won’t wait, we’re here to stay, we’re here to stay, we’re here to stay, howling ghosts, they reappear in mountains that are stacked with fear but you’re a king and i’m a lionheart… though far away, we’re still the same… and as the world comes to an end, i’ll be here to hold your hand ’cause you’re my king and i’m your lionheart…


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