In Conversation with God:

… life is long when it is full, and this fulness is not measured in terms of time, but by deeds. A full life is lived when the life concerned is filled with virtues and effectiveness…

The Blessed Virgin is always Health of the Sick and Comfort of the Afflicted

What humanly speaking might be considered a great tragedy might in fact be a great good when considered with eyes of faith. Sickness, poverty, pain, failure, scandal, unemployment – each of these problems can lead us to God…

Sickness helps us to trust more in God… Sickness is a good opportunity to put into practice that wise maxim of Saint Augustine: do everything possible and ask for what is impossible…

Our pains and sufferings lose their bitterness when they are elevated to Heaven. Poenae sunt pennae – hardships are the wings…

We should put our pains and sufferings into the hands of God. Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow; for tomorrow will have anxieties of its own. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble… all of us are called to suffer in this life, though not all in the same manner or to the same degree…

Consolatrix afflictorum, Salus infirmorum, Auxilium christianorum… ora pro eis… ora pro me. Come to our aid in our time of trial, God of mercy…



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