1 Cor 2:5

God’s power, not man’s wisdom, was to be the foundation of your faith.

Mt 5:13 – 16

You are the salt of the earth; if salt loses its taste, what is there left to give taste to it? There is no more to be done with it, but throw it out of doors for men to tread it under foot. You are the light of the world; a city cannot be hidden if it is built on a mountain-top. A lamp is not lighted to be put away under a bushel measure; it is put on the lamp-stand, to give light to all the people of the house; and your light must shine so brightly before men that they can see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.


Christ does not say that we are to become light and saltbut that we are. With salt being so common and easily accessible, and with electricity, we may not fully appreciate the imagery that Jesus uses. Salt, especially as a preservative, and lamps and candles were unquestionably essential to life at the time.

In Conversation with God:

Salt… was a symbol of divine wisdom. In the Old Testament it was prescribed that everything offered to God should be seasoned with salt… The creation of light was God’s first operation in calling the universe into being. Here is a symbol of the Lord himself, of Heaven and of Life. Darkness, on the other hand, symbolises disorder, death, hell and evil…

When Christians do not take Christ’s doctrine to the places where they live and work, human values themselves become savourless, losing whatever transcendence they had…

When we look around us it is not difficult to see the results of men ceasing to be the salt and the light of Christ. Civic life is scarred by the consequences of secularised ideologies… They stretch from materialism to hedonism… to false ethical theories concerned with attitudes to newly conceived life… nihilism… cripples the will and leaves it unable to face up to crucial problems…

We will really transform the world – beginning with that little corner of it in which we live and work and where our dreams are awakened – if we start to teach with the testimony of our lives; if we are exemplary, competent and honest at our work; if, in family life, we dedicate to our children and to our parents as much time as they need; if people see us cheerful, even in times of difficulty and suffering; if we are outgoing and warm towards others. They will have greater faith in our deeds than in any other form of speech, and they will feel drawn to the life that our actions point out to them…

We should be known as men and women who are loyal, straightforward, truthful, cheerful, hardworking and optimistic…

St. Therese of Lisieux writes, Now I conjecture that true charity consists in bearing all the defects of our neighbors; in not being surprised in their weaknesses; in being edified by their slightest virtues: but I have learned especially that charity should not remain shut up inside our hearts…



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