1 Kgs 3:9

Be this, then, thy gift to thy servant, a heart quick to learn, so that I may be able to judge thy people’s disputes, and discern between good and ill.

Mk 6:31

And he said to them, Come away into a quiet place by yourselves, and rest a little.

In Conversation with God:

The evangelists tell us how during a storm on the lake Our Lord fell asleep in the stern of the boat: He had spent the whole day preaching. He was so tired that he did not wake up in spite of the waves. Our Lord didn’t pretend He was asleep in order to put his disciples to the test; He was really physically worn out.

At these times of real bodily weariness, Jesus is also redeeming mankind; and his weakness should help us to bear our own weakness… How consoling it is to see our Lord exhausted! How close Jesus is to us at these times! …

No one understands our tiredness better than Our Lord… We must learn to recover our strength and come close to him… We make our burden lighter when we unite our tiredness to that of Christ… we must never forget that the use of leisure also is an activity that we must sanctify… Love does not take holidays…

We should never fail to offer up those times when exhaustion or illness make us feel useless…

Tiredness teaches us to be humble and to live charity better. We discover at times like these that we cannot do everything, and that we need other people. Allowing ourselves to be helped is a wonderful way of learning humility… Bear one another’s burdens…

… we will not always find ourselves at the peak of our strength or be in the very best of health when we have to work, or study or see a difficult undertaking through to the end… No small part of these virtues consists in our getting used to going on working when we are tired, or when we perhaps do not feel physically as well as we would like to in order to get on with those tasks…

We should learn to rest. If we can avoid becoming totally exhausted we should not fail to do so. God wants us to look after our health, and to know how to recover our strength. It is part of the fifth commandment. We need to rest in order to be fit, to restore lost energy, and so that our work may be all the more effective. Above all, we need it so as to serve God and other people better…

Through it we should be able to show our love for God and for our neighbor…. We should avoid thinking of nobody but ourselves and should seek union with Our Lord. Any time is good for thinking about other people, for looking after them, for helping them and for taking an interest in their hobbies. Any time is a good time for showing our love. Love does not allow any blank gaps.


… all the same sad lives, all the love that disappears, we are aching bones and wasted years… i married the madness who left me alone in the dark… i did everything right, i did everything i thought was right…


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