In Conversation with God:

We… need to have contact with Christ each day, because we are full of weakness and infirmity. It is when we receive him in sacramental Communion that this encounter with Jesus, hidden in the sacramental species, takes place. We receive such a store of good things in each Communion that Our Lord can look on us and say to us I perceive that power has gone out of me. We receive a torrent of grace that inundates us with joy, gives us the firmness we need to carry on, and causes the very angels to be amazed…

Who are we, to be so close to him? As with that poor woman in the crowd, He has given us an opportunity. And not just a chance to touch his outer garment a little, to feel for a moment the fringe, the hem of his cloak. We actually have Christ himself. He gives himself to us totally, with his Body, his Blood, his Soul and his Divinity. We consume him each day. We speak to him intimately as one does to a brother, a father, as one speaks to Love itself…

Holy Communion is not a reward for virtue, but rather nourishment provided for those who are weak and in need…

… love is inventive and finds its own way of expressing gratitude. This happens even when the soul feels completely dry. Dryness is not lukewarmness, but love bereft of feeling. It impels us to make more effort…


… burning bridges is a form of suicide, i saw the fires as the ghost of my life passed me by and there is nowhere you can hide from the lessons or the lies that bind them… can we count on our conversations to restore us like energon cubes, made one wish for a permanent kiss that would echo through these bones like arsenic, i can figure out the point of anything, just not as quick as i can mess up my life, with all my dreams hooked to hospital machines, i think, let’s try redefining beautiful, i’m so tired, i’ve had enough, if there’s one thing i’ve learned you will always get burned but you’ll never give it up…


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