01.28.14 ~ Memorial of Saint Thomas Aquinas, Priest and Doctor of the Church


Mk 3:35

If anyone does the will of God, he is my brother, and sister, and mother.

In Conversation with God:

Our Lady is united to Jesus by a double bond. First of all, when she accepted the Angel’s message, she united herself intimately to God’s will in a way we can scarcely comprehend. At the same time she acquired a spiritual motherhood over the Son whom she conceived so that she was bound still more closely… Saint Augustine has pointed out that Maternity according to the flesh would have been of little avail to Mary, if she had not first conceived Christ, in a still more fortunate way, in her heart, and only afterwards in her body…

Thanks to his deep knowledge of classical philosophy and the Fathers of the Church, Saint Thomas was able to devise a harmonious synthesis between faith and reason. In later centuries the Church has repeatedly pointed to Saint Thomas as a role model of fidelity to the Magisterium and the highest aspirations of the human mind and spirit.


… like ships in the night letting cannon balls fly, say what you mean and it turns to a fight, fists fly from my mouth as it turns south, you’re down the driveway, i’m on the couch, chasing your dreams since the violent 5th grade trying to believe in your silent own way ’cause we’ll be ok, i’m not going away like you watched at fourteen as it went down the drain and pops stayed the same and your mom’s moved away, how many of our parents seem to make it anyway, we’re just fumbling through the grey trying find a heart that’s not walking away, turn the lights down low, walk these halls alone, we can feel so far from so close, like ships in the night you keep passing me by, we’re just wasting time trying to prove who’s right and if it all goes crashing into the sea, if it’s just you and me trying to find the light like ships in the night…


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