01.22.14 ~ Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children


1 Sm 17:45 –

… Nay, said David, though thou comest with sword and spear and shield to meet me, meet thee I will, in the name of the Lord of hosts; in the name of that God who fights for the armies of Israel.

Mk 3: 4 – 5

Then he said to them, Which is right, to do good on the sabbath day, or to do harm? To save life, or to make away with it? And they sat there in silence. And he looked round on them in anger, grieved at the hardness of their hearts…

In Conversation with God:

Faith enables us to reach targets we had always thought beyond us; to solve intractable problems, perhaps of a personal nature, or perhaps connected with some apostolic task, that we had always thought to be insoluble; it enables us to get rid of firmly-rooted defects in our own character…

Faith is something we have to practise… It should give birth to a life of faith, which should be both the fruit and the manifestation of what we believe…

The practice of the virtue of faith in our daily lives adds up to what is commonly known as supernatural outlook. This consists in a way of seeing things, even the most ordinary, apparently quite commonplace things, in relation to God’s plan for each person as regards to his own salvation and the salvation of many others. It leads us to accustom ourselves to undertake our daily activities us though we were constantly glancing at God to see whether what we are doing is really his Will, whether ours is the way He wants us to do things. It leads us to get used to discovering God in people, to recognise him behind what the world calls chance or coincidence, in fact, to see his mark everywhere…

If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how will you believe if I tell you heavenly things? If we do not have human resilience when confronted with a difficulty, or with heat, or cold, or a slight illness, on what will the cardinal virtue of fortitude be founded? How can a person who is continually grumbling and complaining acquire the virtue of fortitude and live it? How can a student, say, who keeps postponing getting down to study become responsible and prudent? How can someone live charity if he has little or no regard for human warmth, affability or the details of good manners? …

Christ… lives in his Church… The Church is not merely a religious movement inspired by Christ’s teachings. The Church is Jesus Christ. Christ is to be found in the Church…

How many people have forgotten that the Church is a mystery? This is true not only in the profundity of her life, but in the deeper sense that she is divine and therefore beyond our natural capacity for knowledge.


… but under skinned knees and the skid marks, past the places where you used to learn you howl and listen, listen and wait for the echoes of angels who won’t return…


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