Mk 1:45

… Jesus could no longer go into any of the cities openly, but dwelt in lonely places apart…

In Conversation with God:

… immediately the leprosy left him and he was made clean. That man kneels down, prostrating himself on the ground, which is a sign of humility, the virtue by which each one may become ashamed of the stains in his life. But shame must not prevent confession: the leper showed his sores and asked for a cure…

Jesus Christ himself waits for us each day in the Blessed Eucharist. There he is really, truly and substantially present, with his Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. There he is to be found with all the splendour of his glory, for Christ being raised from the dead will never die again. The Body and Soul remain inseparably united for ever to the Person of the Word. The whole mystery of the Incarnation of the Son of God is contained in the Sacred Host, together with the profound richness of his most sacred Humanity and the infinite grandeur of his Divinity, both of them veiled and hidden. In the Blessed Eucharist we find Our Lord himself, who said to the leper: ‘I will; be clean.’… 

Sight, touch and taste in Thee are each deceived;
The ear alone most safely is believed…

This marvellous presence of Jesus among us should give us new life each day. When we receive him, when we visit him, we can say in the strictest sense: Today I have been with God…

His eucharistic life is a life of love. The fervour of an infinite charity rises ceaselessly from the Heart of Christ. The whole intimate life of the priestly soul of the Incarnate Word – adoration, petition, thanksgiving, expiation – is inspired by this love which knows no limits…

Unclean I am but cleanse me in Thy Blood;
Of which a single drop, for sinners split,
Can purge the entire world from all its guilt…

Christ is the bread of life. As ordinary bread stands and sensibly answers to earthly hunger, so Christ is the extraordinary bread proportioned to the spiritual hunger of man, which in the desperation of its need is out of all proportion. It s capable, indeed anxious, to open itself out to infinite aspirations…

Jesus waits from us in the Blessed Eucharist so as to restore our strength: Come to me, all who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.


… if my heart has grown cold, there Your love will unfold as You open my eyes to the work of Your hands, when i’m blind to my way, there Your Spirit will pray as You open my eyes to the work of Your hands… oceans will part, nations come at the whisper of Your call, hope will rise, glory shown in my life, Your will be done, present suffering may pass, Lord, Your mercy will last as You open my eyes to the work of Your hands and my heart will find praise, i’ll delight in Your way as You open my eyes to the work of Your hands…


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