1 SM 1:15 – 16

… thou seest an unhappy woman, unburdening her heart in the Lord’s presence; there was no wine or strong drink here. Do not think of thy handmaid as a light woman; only sorrow and bitter anguish have wrung speech from me all this while.

In Conversation with God:

Spiritual childhood is not just one more aspect of our lives. It determines our whole supernatural character and shows us how to deal with every situation. It is not a particular virtue that has its own acts, but the permanent condition of our being, suffusing and permeating all the virtues…

Everything that is on our mind and in our heart; our joys, sorrows, hopes, disappointments, successes, failures; even the most trivial happenings of our day. We will discover that our heavenly Father is interested in everything about us…

True happiness is a marvellous means of apostolate. The Christian is a sower of joy, a communicator of gladness; this is why he achieves great things. Joy is one of the most irresistible powers in the world; it brings about calm, it soothes away anger, it wins people over… ‘Do not be downcast or look troubled, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.’ 


… i wanted to forget the pain of falling, but you make me remember now, dreams weren’t always made to be broken…


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