Jn 3:28 – 30

… I am not the Christ; I have been sent to go before him. The bride is for the bridegroom; but the bridegroom’s friend, who stands by and listens to him, rejoices too, rejoices at hearing the bridegroom’s voice; and this joy is mine now in full measure. He must become more and more, I must become less and less.

In Conversation with God:

… Christ, to whom the universe is subject, was subject to them. To obey His Father, Jesus subjected himself to those who, in his earthly life, were invested with authority; in the first place, his parents.

Our Lady must have reflected very often about Jesus’ obedience, which was extremely refined and, at the same time, very natural. St. Luke tells us immediately that His Mother kept in her heart the memory of all this…

The Lord loves obedience better than any sacrifice. And St. Gregory comments: Rightly is obedience set before sacrifice, because through obedience we offer up our own will…

Obedience makes our actions and our sufferings meritorious, in such a way that the latter, which could seem futile, can become very fruitful. One of the marvels performed by Our Lord is having made what was useless, like suffering, become so advantageous. He has glorified suffering through obedience and love. Obedience is great and heroic when one is ready to face death and ignominy in order to fulfil it…

By his obedience he brought about our Redemption.. He lowered his own dignity, accepted an obedience which brought him to death, death on a Cross…

We should not be surprised if, when we embrace obedience, we find the Cross…

Obedience, which always involves subjection and self-giving, is not a lack of freedom or maturity. There are bonds which enslave and others which liberate. The rope which attaches a climber to his companions is not a bond which impedes, but a safety link which prevents him falling into the abyss. And the ligaments which join the parts of the body are not bonds which hamper movements, but a guarantee that they can be performed freely, harmoniously, and firmly…


… we give You glory, lifting up our hands and singing holy, You alone are worthy, we just want to touch Your heart, Lord, touch Your heart…


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