1 Jn 4:19 – 5:4

Yes, we must love God; he gave us his love first. If a man boasts of loving God, while he hates his own brother, he is a liar. He has seen his brother, and has no love for him; what love can he have for the God he has never seen? No, this is the divine command that has been given us; the man who loves God must be one who loves his brother as well. Everyone who believes that Jesus is the Christ is a child of God, and to love the parent is to love his child. If we love God, and keep his commandments, we can be sure of loving God’s children. Loving God means keeping his commandments, and these commandments of his are not a burden to us. Whatever takes its origin from God must needs triumph over the world; our faith, that is the triumphant principle which triumphs over the world.

Lk 4:18 – 19

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me; he has anointed me, and sent me out to preach the gospel to the poor, to restore the broken-hearted; to bid the prisoners go free, and the blind have sight; to set the oppressed at liberty, to proclaim a year when men may find acceptance with the Lord, a day of retribution.

In Conversation with God:

… nothing is worth while if we are not close to Our Lord. All the wonders of this earth, the fulfilment of our every ambition, everything is worthless unless the living flame of love burns within us, unless there is the light of holy hope giving us a foretaste of the never-ending love in our true homeland of Heaven…

Whenever someone meets Christ, it is always Jesus who takes the initiative. And, on the contrary, whenever there is separation, the initiative is always ours. He never leaves us…

It would seem that nowadays not many are grievously concerned by his absence from their lives. There are Christians for whom the presence or absence of Christ from their souls means practically nothing. They move carelessly and with equal facility from sin into grace but fail to give the impression of men who have just returned from hell, or of having miraculously passed from death to a new life. One does not see in them the thankfulness, the joy, the peace and serenity of one who has, to his vast relief, rediscovered Jesus.


While the traditions of our past and our hopes for tomorrow are good things for us to have, God’s gift to us is today; today is all that we have, all that we have to love our brothers, to make amends, to repent.


… let my life be the proof… of Your love, let my love look like You and what You’re made of, how You lived, how You died, love is sacrifice, so let my life be the proof… of Your love…


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