1 Jn 4:7 – 8

Beloved, let us love one another; love springs from God; no one can love without being born of God, and knowing God. How can the man who has no love have any knowledge of God, since God is love?

In Conversation with God:

The Kings had departed. Our Lady and St. Joseph would comment joyfully on the events of that day. Afterwards, in the middle of the night, Mary awoke at Joseph’s call. He told her the Angel’s message… It was a sign of the Cross at the end of a day full of happiness.

Mary and Joseph left Bethlehem hurriedly, leaving behind many necessary items which they could not take with them on a  long and difficult journey. They also had the dread of having to escape with the threat of death overshadowing them. It is a profound and amazing mystery that the Son of God made Man cried, slept and sought refuge in the arms of Joseph and Mary…

… being close to God does not mean being free from pain or difficulties. God has only promised us the serenity and fortitude to face up to them…

Joseph… had brought with him what was most important: Jesus, Mary, and his hard work and effort to look after them, making every sacrifice in the world…

St. Joseph is for us an example of many virtues: of intelligent and rapid obedience, of faith, of hope, of hard work… And also of fortitude, both in the midst of difficulties and in the ordinary situations in which a good father of a family finds himself…

After a time, when the danger was over, there was nothing to keep Joseph in that foreign land, but he stayed there for no reason other than that of being faithful to the fulfilment of the Angel’s instruction there remain until I give thee command. And so he remained patiently in Egypt, without displeasure or protest, doing his work as if he were never going to leave that place.

How important it is to know how to be and to stay where one should be, getting on with one’s own work, without giving in to the temptation of changing places continually! Fortitude is needed to do this; a fortitude which teaches us to appreciate the human and divine value of patience…

The motherly woman has the privilege… to know how to wait; to know how to be silent; being able, when faced with injustice or weakness, to turn a blind eye; to excuse, to cover shaming things up – which is no less a work of mercy than that of covering the nakedness of the body.


… i confess my hope in the light of Your salvation, where i lose myself, i will find You’re all i need, sing, my soul, of the Savior’s love, sing, my soul, unto God alone, i will meet You here in the life we call surrender, let the world i know be the glory of Your grace, You alone are God… we declare the glory of Your name, reign in all the earth… Jesus…


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