01.06.14 ~ Epiphany


1 Jn 3:22 – 24, 4:3, 6

… he will grant all our requests, since we are keeping his commandments, and living as he would see us live. What he commands is, that we should have faith in the name of his Son Jesus Christ, and at his command should love one another. When a man keeps his commandments, it means that he is dwelling in God, and God in him. This is our proof that he is really dwelling in us, through the gift of his Spirit… no spirit which would disunite Jesus comes from God… we belong to God…

Mt 4:24

… they brought to him all those who were in affliction, distressed with pain and sickness of every sort, the possessed, the lunatics, the palsied; and he healed them.

In Conversation with God:

… God presents himself to us under the insignificant appearance of a piece of bread… he does not reveal himself in his glory… he does not impose himself irresistibly… he slips into our life like a shadow, instead of making his power resound at the summit of all things… How many souls are troubled by doubt because God does not show himself in the way they expected!

We… offer him the precious gold we receive when in spirit we are detached from money and material goods. Let us not forget that these things are good, for they come from God. But the Lord has laid down that we should use them, without allowing our hearts to become attached to them, by putting them to good use for the benefit of all mankind…

Incense is our desire to live a noble life which gives off the ‘aroma of Christ’… To impregnate our words and actions with his aroma is to sow understanding and friendship. We should accompany others so that no one is left, or can feel, abandoned… 

The pleasant smell of incense comes from some small, hidden grains of aromatic material placed upon the burning charcoal. Likewise is the sweet fragrance of Christ noticed among men – not in a sudden burst of flame, but in the constant red-hot embers of virtues such as justice, loyalty, faithfulness, understanding and cheerfulness…

Myrrh is the spirit of sacrifice that can never be lacking in a Christian life… do not think that to meditate on the need for sacrifice and mortification means to add a note of sadness…

Mortification is not pessimism or bitterness… doe not usually consist of great renunciations, for situations requiring great self-denial seldom occur. Mortification is made up of small conquests, such as smiling at those who annoy us, denying the body some superfluous fancy, getting accustomed to listening to others, making full use of the time God allots to us… and so many other details. We find it in the apparently trifling problems, difficulties and worries which arise without our looking for them in the course of each day. 


… so what can i say and what can i do but offer this heart, o Lord, completely to You…


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