01.05.14 ~ Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord


Eph 3:5 – 6

It was never made known to any human being in past ages, as it has now been revealed by the Spirit to his holy apostles and prophets, and it is this: that through the gospel preaching the Gentiles are to win the same inheritance, to be made part of the same body, to share the same divine promise, in Christ Jesus.

In Conversation with God:

When we say ‘I am a child of God’, we are not using a metaphor or a pious phrase. We are children. In the same way as human generation gives rise to ‘fatherhood’ and ‘sonship’, those who have been ‘begotten by God’ are really his children. This incomparable truth is realised in Baptism, in which, thanks to the Passion and Resurrection of Christ, there takes place a new birth into a new life which did not previously exist. A new creature has emerged, by which the newly baptised person is called, and really is, a ‘child of God’…

Through the act of conception a new person comes into existence. Just as an animal gives birth to an animal of the same species, a human being gives birth to another human being, similar to the parents. Often enough there is quite a similarity, and people are pleased to see that this or that child takes after his father: in his features, his behaviour, his looks, his speech and so on. Well, the Christian, born of God, is his son in the most real sense, so that he must be like his Father in heaven. His condition as a son actually consists of his participation in the same nature as God. Here the words of St. Peter find their true meaning: ‘participants in the divine nature’, which is more than just an analogy, more than a likeness or a relationship. It implies rather, an elevation and a transformation of human nature into a nature that is proper to a divine being. The Christian enters into a higher (supernatural) world which is above his original nature: the world of God…

… there is only one race, the race of the children of God. There is only one colour, the colour of the children of God. And there is only one language, the language which speaks to the heart and to the mind, without the noise of words, making us know God and love one another…

The Wise Men must have travelled along bad roads and slept in uncomfortable places… but the star was showing them the way and taught them the meaning of their lives. The star made their journey joyful and reminded them all the time that it was worth undergoing any discomfort or danger as long as they came to see Jesus… Sacrifices are borne with elegance and happiness if the goal is worth while.


The Bible never states specifically that there were three kings, but we sing of three as a tradition – at any rate, there were three gifts named, of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. In today’s Gospel, we hear ‘homage’ three times, the first as an expression of a desire to worship, the second as an example of self-centered and distorted worship, and the third as an appropriate act of worship.


… show me Your heart, show me Your way, show me Your glory…


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