In Conversation with God:

… the Holy Family… went up to Jerusalem to comply with two precepts of Mosaic law: the purification of the mother, and the presentation and ransoming of the first born!

Neither of these laws was binding on Mary or on Jesus, by reason of the virgin birth and the fact that Jesus was God. Nevertheless, Mary wished to fulfil the Law. In this she behaved just like any other pious Jewish mother of her times…

Jesus was offered to his Father in the arms of Mary.

Never had such an offering been made in that temple before and never again would there be another like it. The next such offering would be made by Jesus himself, outside the city, at Golgotha. And now, thousands of times a day, Jesus is offered in the Holy Mass to the Blessed Trinity, as a sacrifice of infinite value…

The Holy Mass is the most suitable moment for offering all that is most painful in our lives. And there we will encounter Our Lady….

Through a process which we cannot fully understand, she identified her heart with that of her Son. Her redeeming pain is suggested as much in the prophecy of Simeon as in the account of Our Lord’s Passion. ‘This child,’ said the old man, indicating the infant in her arms, ‘is set for the fall and rising of many in Israel, and for a sign that is spoken against, and a sword will pierce through your heart also…’ In fact, when your Jesus, who belongs to all of us but especially to you, gave up his spirit, the cruel lance did not reach his soul. If without sparing him it opened his side, since he was already dead it did not cause him pain. But your soul it did pierce. At that moment his soul was not there but yours was, and could not be totally separated from him. 


… Love unfailing, overtaking my heart, You take me in…


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