… and if you’re still bleeding, you’re the lucky ones…

2014 Shuffle

Opening credits: Dry your eyes, I’m here now, we’ll get through this somehow, sometimes this world cuts like a knife…

Waking up: Meet me after dark again and I’ll hold you…

How I’m feeling today: City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style…

First day of school: Sometimes we fall, ain’t nothing new to me… 

The weekend: We were both young when I first saw you… 

Will I get far in life: I’ve got the world on a string, I’m sitting on a rainbow…

Will I get married: Hot summer streets and the pavements are burning…

Will I have a happy life: So lately, been wondering who will be there to take my place… 

How does the world see me: Great is Your faithfulness, o God of Jacob… 

How do my friends see me: So don’t sit back and watch the days go by… 

Falling in love: I feel so unsure as I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor… 

Fight song: It’s been a really really messed up week…

Breaking up: In this world of news, I’ve found nothing new, I’ve found nothing pure, maybe I’m just idealistic… 

The best thing about my friends: Love, like a road that never ends… 

Best friend’s theme song: There I was again tonight, forcing laughter, faking smiles, same old tired lonely place… 

High school overview: Love, something you know nothing of, ’cause love don’t turn and run and leave you standing in the dark… 

Life: Shadows settle on the place that you left, our minds are troubled by the emptiness… 

Mental breakdown: If I was not myself and you were someone else, I’d say so much to you… 

How can I make myself happy: Staring out at the rain with a heavy heart… 

Driving: We’ve known each other for a long, long time, but I never really noticed all the magic in your eyes… 

Flashback: There were so many times, my heart has been broke in two… 

How is my life going: We’ll do it all, everything on our own… 

What I should do with my life: Think you about you every minute, I dream about you every hour of the day… 

How can I get ahead in life: Gonna sell my car and go to Vegas.. 

Getting back together: Hey there, Delilah, what’s it like in New York City?

Wedding: All the fear has left me now, I’m not frightened anymore… 

Will I ever have children: We were drawn from the weeds, we were brave like soldiers falling down under the pale moonlight… 

Birth of child: Where are we, what the hell is going on, the dust has only just begun to form crop circles in the carpet…

Final battle: Everybody needs a little time away, I heard her say, from each other… 

Death scene: I hear you’re taking to town again, having a good time with all your good time friends… 

Funeral song: Then the rainstorm came over me and I felt my spirit break… 

Life overview: Danny is lonely ’cause Mary’s in India now… 

End credits: It’s been a while since you last saw me… 

Status Check


  • HOME. it’s… 05:46… lol. well met, 2013, well met.
  • bringing a bottle of Pond Hill Farm 2011 pinot gris to a friend’s house for dinner =) nice way to end the first day of 2013, i think.
  • i’m really not sure what’s worse, the misunderstanding of authentic femininity outside of the Church, or [apparently] inside of it. “don’t listen to st. paul.” those girls have NO true appreciation of the Little Flower. *shudders* bleargh.http://www.patheos.com/blogs/badcatholic/2013/01/2559.html
  • bone marrow + cheese = best naan EVER.
  • he would. ROTFLWTIME. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0X4zcDMht0
  • yay ugly sweater party and family pictures and cookies and chocolate and captain america!!!!!!!!! among other things. =D ♥ Michelle ♥ Terhi ♥ Chelsea ♥ Nate ♥ Eric ♥ David ♥ xD
  • winter break ends in less than 45 hours…!!!!!!!! meh.
  • what a perfectly lovely last pre-semester saturday night. super huge thanks to MichelleNateTerhiEricDavid,Chelsea, their parents, their siblings, and Kit‘s parents, for joining us for dinner at Mantra On The Hill =D we sincerely hope to see you all again sometime. and thank you emily, zach, chef, Josh, and Mike, for another super fun post-service adventure. you all make life so beautiful =)
  • Stef MOMMYYYYYYYYYYY’S BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! and happy epiphany sunday, ya’ll =D
  • the best video response that i have seen in a very long time – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TmUdPAZNKk
  • ~ upon the hill across the blue lake / that’s where i had my first heartbreak / i still remember how it all changed / my father said / “don’t you worry, don’t you worry, child / see heaven’s got a plan for you / don’t you worry, don’t you worry now” ~
  • BAH. ais leaves an hour and a half early to compensate for traffic. ais gets to school. ais learns that class is canceled. ais’ next class is at 1. ais left her packed lunch on the table at home. ais is not happy.
  • ~ if i were to pluck on your heartstrings, would you strum on mine ~
  • ~ Deus caritas est ~
  • it’s supposed to be, like, 63 degrees when i get off work tonight. albeit storming. but OH SNAP.
  • when the men begin debating gun laws, you know it’s time to go get a sandwich at gilpin’s so that everyone can debate more comfortably… lol. when it’s 70 degrees on a saturday night in january, you know it’s going to be a good time. and when mike comes back to the kitchen and asks if everyone’s having a good time, matt knows that if he answers, “always,” ais will start singing owl city…
  • didn’t realize i had fourteen albums of sarah mclachlan until i put it all on shuffle…
  • haha, YEShttp://whatshouldcatholicismcallme.tumblr.com/post/39675965255/people-know-im-catholic-because-of-my-catholic
  • Anna MarieAaronErinEvanRachelBethanyDanielle, please come square dancing with me at St. Gertrude’s in april. please, please, please, please, pleaseeeeeeee….
  • ~ I wish I had a river so long / I would teach my feet to fly ~
  • i’m lazy. too lazy to make a pie. but i want something to munch on while completing this scout training. so how about… frozen blueberries cooked in sugar, shredded coconut, white chocolate chips, and graham cracker crumbs? yeah… yeah. that’ll do it.
  • Have some octopus. Then, have some cotton candy.Marybeth Themann
  • ICE CREAM SUNDAES!!!! … at 12:30am… with Michelle xD
  • !!!!!!!! Stef Anna Ricardo Trish 1flesh University Chapter is going to happen at UC!!!!! *freaking out* =D =D =D
  • woot! fr. kyle :Dhttp://www.catholicdrinkie.com/frkylehomebrew/
  • ~ when your wine’s all gone and your well runs dry / open your hands and look into my eyes / all that you see here,
    you’ll soon leave behind / so open your hands and look into my eyes ~
  • today, was, in a word, incredible. la vita e bella.
  • listening to She & Him and missing working the line withKelly Johnson
  • >.< watch out for chef’s green and purple squirt gun. it is extremely distracting to be cutting imli at garde and having one’s face shot at from saute.
  • crayzeeeeee service night with chef and jason. insane amount of wine ran out. and we’re not even open normally on mondays… say wha? hats off to the FoH for keeping your cool and making it happen, you guys rock.
  • so, during prep yesterday, jason was testing me on b vitamins [and i was failing miserably]. and then, of course, i had a brief nightmare last night about mixing b4 and b3 up on the final exam for biochem – i said that b4 was niacin – and… ughhhhh >.< crazy culinology grads.
  • happy anniversary, kuya Elvin and ate Candice!!!!! :D :D
  • ~ love / it will not betray you / dismay or enslave you / it will set you free / be more like the man you were made to be / there is a design / an alignment to cry / of my heart to see / the beauty of love as it was made to be ~
  • ROTFLWTIME hunting through old vids, found us putting up christmas lights (and forks, and finding brains in the ceiling) in the honors room Anthony Gloria
  • so… watching videos of college freshie me… my favorite lines were, “you’re awesome,” “you’re amazing,” and, “you’re the best.” i’m not sure what happened, but i realized that i used to be a gazillion times more empowering towards my friends than i am today, and… i’m really sorry.
  • ~ you don’t have to look far, you don’t have to look around / my love’s inside of you and that heart that pounds / i’m never gonna leave, never gonna leave you ~
  • to everyone who might be planning to come visit meeeeeeee this summer (MaryAnn Anna Marie Aaron…) here’s our schedule at the farm!MayWednesday, May 22nd – The Garden Café Opens
    Saturday, May 25th- 7pm – Farm to Table Dinner
    Saturday, May 25th through Sunday, October 27th – Noon – 3pm – Weekend HayridesJuneFriday, June 14th – 7pm – Barn Dance
    Sunday, June 16th – 11am-3pm – Family Trout Pond Fishing Day
    Saturday, June 22nd – 7-10pm – Pig Roast, Hayrides, Music, Wine Tasting
    Friday, June 28th – 7pm – Farm to Table DinnerJulyFriday, July 12th – Monday, July 15th – Visit our Blissful Burrito Booth at Blissfest
    Saturday, July 20th – 11am-3pm – Family Trout Pond Fishing Day
    Sunday, July 21st – 7pm – Barn Dance
    Wednesday, July 24th – 7 – Wine Tasting Dinner
    Monday, July 29th – 7pm – Farm to Table Dinner
    Wednesday, July 31st – 7pm – Farm to Table DinnerAugustWednesday, August 7th , 7pm – Wine Tasting Dinner
    Friday, August 9th – 7pm – Chefs Table Dinner
    Saturday, August 10th- 11am-3pm – Family Trout Pond Fishing Day
    Friday, August 17th – 7pm – Barn Dance
  • WOOT. Steven Crowder. FIREWORKS. =D// Picture coming home every night to your best friend, your greatest fan, and your number one supporter. She (or he) makes each good day better, and each bad day good again. Every day, you get to live what is essentially a 24/7 sleepover party with the greatest friend you’ve ever had. //http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2013/01/26/man-top-5-reasons-to-grow-up-and-get-married/#ixzz2J7HNFPuQ
  • // In an attempt to prove to the world that theirs is an ideology neither outdated, nor blatantly unscientific, nor rapidly devolving into that ridiculous elitism blind beyond the narrow confines of its own minority view, the pro-abortion kids have made a YouTube video. It’s excellent, with universal appeal, celebrating all the good ushered into the world by Roe vs. Wade, wait, sorry, wrong script, it’s actually the creepiest shit you’ve ever seen. //thank you, marc barnes.http://www.patheos.com/blogs/badcatholic/2013/01/happy-40th-anniversary-baby.html
  • i honestly thought i hadn’t gotten any decent amount of sleep, worrying about today’s menu. but then, i apparently slept through text notifications coming in at roughly 0100 telling me that a friend finally got their first pringles can which, they observed, no longer read “P&G,” but rather, “pop pringles manufacturing co.”that’s nice.have i ever texted you at 1 in the morning to talk about labeling????
  • my brother included a number of chesterton quotes in his speech for his Eagle CoH today. he’s such a BOSS.
  • ~ meet me in chicago / down by the water line / step across the gold coast / to my heart and to your wine / maybe cincinnati / with a trip in the morning light / step across the branches / i will follow you over the rhine ~
  • >.< pray. pray, pray, pray.http://davidgibson.religionnews.com/2013/01/28/so-long-catholic-boy-scouts/
  • going to check out http://www.kitchen452.com/ withStephanie tomorrow =D =D =D
  • first planning meeting for UC’s 1Flesh University Chapter-to-be, this thursday! if you’ve a moment, please ask St. Michael to help us prepare for this new battleground, and offer for us an Ave, that this endeavour may be born and grounded and carried out in Love. +AMDG+
  • // Even though the medical community supports Planned Parenthood, if you have it on your résumé, it’s looked at like a puppy mill. They’re not regulated. … They skirt the law. It’s a black mark on a résumé or application, and others in the medical community are hesitant to hire you. That’s a real fear. // <— i don’t know about you, but that speaks volumes to me.http://www.patheos.com/blogs/deaconsbench/2013/01/it-was-pretty-common-for-a-woman-to-be-lying-on-the-abortion-table-while-holding-a-rosary/
  • BWAHAHA.Nino: Dad, can you teach me kali? Ate Aisa, Ate Yena, Kuya Migi, teach me kali!YES.
  • yay! kohlrabi came up in nutritional biochem today =) made me happy. and anxious to get back to pond hill and eat tons and tons of kohlrabi with kale and coconut milk. lol.
  • almost laughable. like that line, “It’s times like these when I wonder why I’m planning to march on Washington to advocate for the abolition of abortion when my enemy is so busy stabbing himself in the eyeballs.”http://www.jillstanek.com/2013/01/most-offensive-pro-abortion-ad-ever-happy-40th-anniversary-baby-pulled/
  • so, i let Paco drive home from the SAC. he did an excellent job. but since when did we become old enough for this???
  • “The way to love anything is to realize that it may be lost.”
    ― G.K. Chesterton
  • Going through airport-like security this morning withMarybeth, QotD from the funniest and sweetest security guard I have ever encountered, “You know what makes women beautiful? Their sense of humor. Stay funny.” =)
  • How to Make Friends in Furniture Construction Class 101 (Especially If You’re the Only Girl): buy wood together. it will give you a lot to talk / joke about while in line for various pieces of equipment.
  • YES. first person i meet at the UC Students for Life meeting is catholic and was at ToT when marc barnes spoke. YES. total win =D


  • mother’s current status is too *happy* not to share: // Highlight of my Eagle Scout’s Court of Honor, from his speech: “It’s hard to be thankful when you’re non-existent. So Mom, thank you for choosing life.” //
  • the cake that Stephanie made for Paco‘s Eagle Scout Court of Honor =Dhttp://smallgirladventures.blogspot.com/2013/01/its-piece-of-cake-to-bake-pretty-cake.html
  • today’s MaryVitamin: “A Cross is a Crown Begun”
  • ~ pain throws your heart to the ground / Love turns the whole thing around / no, it won’t all go the way it should / but i know the heart of life is good ~
  •  if i don’t get called into work on the 22nd, is anyone up for winter jam?
  • homework on a snowy saturday…http://www.nytimes.com/2007/01/28/magazine/28nutritionism.t.html?pagewanted=print&_r=0
  • ~ what if the days grow short and lose their light? / what if the coals burn black and the embers die? / and we can’t find each other in the night? / you and i / even the winter won’t last forever / we’ll see the morning, we’ll feel the sun / we’ll wake up in April, ready and able / sowing the seeds in the soil / of our love ~
  • Love is patient, love is kind. It is not jealous, it is not pompous, It is not inflated, it is not rude, it does not seek its own interests, it is not quick-tempered, it does not brood over injury, it does not rejoice over wrongdoing but rejoices with the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails. ~ oh and hey, happy feast of st. blaise =D
  • AAAAAAAANNNDDDDDDDD it’s official. got an email from marc barnes with startup instructions for UC’s 1Flesh University Chapter. =D =D =D +AMDG+
  • oh… oh. it’s february.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzk09LOxszc
  • just for lolz xPI was given the age 12 by Melissa Mary Alexander!I lived: in clarks summit, PA
    I dated: my parents
    I drove: in my imagination… and occasionally my dreams…
    I feared: dislocating my knee while upside down in midair…
    I worked: on homework?Now I’m almost 22…
    I live: in west chester
    I am: still dating my parents, and now i’m old enough to take my siblings out, too =)
    I drive: a ’93 subaru legacy, ftw
    I fear: losing people
    I work: with lots of fire and super sharp pointy things =D
  • LOL http://xkcd.com/1170/#
  • ~ prophets and lovers don’t always hold true, but i’m never gonna stop falling for you / ’cause i’m coming for you, coming for you wherever you go ~
  • always easier to leave than to be left behind.
  • ~ i know i’m filled, to be emptied again ~
  • http://brandonvogt.com/boyscouts/
  • // The question “Who are you?” is only ever answered — if it is to be answered in a way that means anything — with an identity given in love. //http://www.patheos.com/blogs/badcatholic/2013/02/creativelove.html
  • ='( viva il papa
  • http://en.radiovaticana.va/articolo.asp?c=663901
  • ~ You’re tearing up roots and breaking down walls / i don’t stand a chance at all against the way You move… i got nothing left to hide behind / You’re reading all my faith and all my fear in my eyes ~
  • lunch w/ fr. geoff and marv, prep w/ jason and chef’s back (yay!!), kali with the kids, mastered shadow fighting 1 and working on solidifying 2, aaaaandddd the fam’s together and mother made PORK CHOPS.  HAPPY FAT TUESDAY!!!!
  • ~ et veritas liberabit vos ~
  • Long week, but…. Cheers! to spontaneity and gentlemen  grazie mille
  • home from Adoration with my boys  big kids’ bonding-with-Jesus time. totally awesome.
  • What’s Up Creighton? http://wp.me/s39cCj-15


  • UC SFL just got hit with “Re-envisioning the Female Body” taking place this week on campus. prayers, please, and advice? our contacts tell us there’s no way for us to counter this legally. it’s porn, but they’re getting away with calling it ‘art’ – and what logic there is in countering “gruesome, billboard sized images of mutilated fetuses and genocide victims brought to our campus by radical pro-life groups” with porn, i have no idea, but unfortunately, i think that’s partly what’s making it difficult for us to figure out an appropriate and contrastingly logical way to fight back.
  • ~ Your light will shine when all else fades… and the cry of my heart is to bring You praise ~
  • Sayaw =) http://wp.me/sCoF-sayaw
  • SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!! dawwwwwww snap.
  • life is so insanely beautiful. ptL.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2XiT76tgCo
  • dude. attempting shadow fighting with my left side is absurd. Migi Mabp
  • how did he make our house look so bright? hahahaha xD love ya, pacs =Dhttp://youtu.be/aLw_hthSG58
  • Mass, and then lunch at Wild Ginger!!!
  • dude, way ahead of you. i gave you up a long time ago.http://www.examiner.com/article/starbucks-ceo-no-tolerance-for-traditional-marriage-supporters
  • celebrating with ice wine from Mackinaw Trail Winery, oh yes.
  • Buona Pasqua!!!!!
  • HYPED for tomorrow’s retreat! Say an Ave for us! +AMDG+


  •  “It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness. That is life.”
  • Letter from Fr. Muldowney!!!  I didn’t realize that he’s the Vicar General now…
  • // Politics and religion…. You see, the thing is that whatever you think are the most important things in life, that is the center of your religion. It could be Jesus Christ and love one another, it could be there-is-no-god-probably and only-big-gov-can-save-us.If your politics are unaffected by what you believe is most important, you have the same kind of politics as the corrupt politician who never takes a side until the bribes are all in.So, if your politics are honorable, they are mixed with your beliefs about religion. If you go around shouting that one shouldn’t mix religion and politics, your politics are nothing to brag about. //
  • If I have nightmares about attempting to dodge/block yellow foam golf balls bright and early on a Saturday morning with the light against me and mirrors behind me… !!! I will blame Guro Paul.
  • ~ I will love you for you / not for what you have done or who you will become / I will love you for you / I will give you the love / the love that you never knew ~
  • FINALLY STARTED READING THE ABOLITION OF MAN. it’s a good day. except i really should be doing homework…
  • ~ hic sunt dracones ~
  • i object to painkillers with breakfast. i do not, however, object to that breakfast consisting of chicharon, tea, and spoonfuls of chocolate-brandy-almond-date yumminess. a comfortable couch and john flanagan’s The Lost Stories help, too.
  • 2.5 weeks left in cincinnati…. !!!!
  • just another lovely friday night in mt. adams, ohio
  • … the spirit yields a harvest of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, forbearance, gentleness, faith, courtesy, temperateness, purity. No law can touch lives such as these. Gal 5:22-23
  • Migi Alvin http://youtu.be/OKqr38cRrpg
  • ok. you know the gluten-free thing is getting to you when your dreams consist of going to hofbrau and crying.  Bergen how do you deal with this…
  • ~ i’ve closed enough windows to know you can never look back ~
  • after a doctor’s appt and two presentations… wouldn’t you say fries, chili, and a strongbow are earned? plus extremely adorable baby company  Kim Tracy
  •  my inaanak is 1 today. bwee hee.
  • in light of recent health restrictions, ais now has a stash of gluten-free beer for hanging out with her titos/lolos this weekend
  • // The differences between a man and a woman are at the best so obstinate and exasperating that they practically cannot be got over unless there is an atmosphere of exaggerated tenderness and mutual interest. To put the matter in one metaphor, the sexes are two stubborn pieces of iron; if they are to be welded together, it must be while they are red-hot. Every woman has to find out that her husband is a selfish beast, because every man is a selfish beast by the standard of a woman. But let her find out the beast while they are both still in the story of “Beauty and the Beast”. Every man has to find out that his wife is cross — that is to say, sensitive to the point of madness: for every woman is mad by the masculine standard. But let him find out that she is mad while her madness is more worth considering than anyone else’s sanity. //~G.K. Chesterton: ‘The Common Man.’
  • // Some people say ‘How will my same-sex marriage affect you”? I’m sorry, but it is affecting me. The progressive leaders who are all of the sudden pushing same-sex marriage mean it to. It is NOT about ensuring that gay people be protected from unfair treatment. That can best be done by other laws. Pushing a redefinition of marriage on us all does not help us as gays and lesbians to be able to fit in to society better, it actually makes things worse for many of us as this is so polarizing. // ~ We Defend Traditional Marriage – and We’re Gay
  • last week in cincinnati until fall semester…
  • grade reports are filling up….
  • // “Are you satisfied with this life in Christ?” “If by satisfied you mean feeling satisfied then my answer is: No, not always. I don’t always feel free. I don’t always feel like a complete person or that a life clinging to Christ is what I really want. But all of those not satisfied feelings are only for right now. I believe that Jesus is the most satisfying love whether I feel it in the moment or not… He has promised to take care of me, and in that I am satisfied in the deepest part of my heart.”//http://askthebigot.com/2013/04/04/my-interview-with-a-not-ex-lesbian-child-of-god/
  • For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world… http://www.lifenews.com/2013/04/23/kermit-gosnell-judge-drops-three-abortion-infanticide-charges/
  • // I asked a nurse at another hospital what they do with their babies that are aborted by saline. Unlike my hospital, where the baby was left alone struggling for breath, their hospital puts the infant in a bucket and puts the lid on. Suffocation! Death by suffocation!”//http://clinicquotes.com/baby-left-alone-to-die/
  • http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/this-is-so-hard.-oh-god-its-so-hard-nurses-tell-of-aborted-babies-born-aliv
  • three shifts left on the hill… what?!
    come to Mantra On The Hill for lunch today?
  • Courtney Brown is awesome. Theology on Tap is awesome. Courtney Brown is awesome. Life is awesome. Courtney Brown is hilarious.
  • between the montepulciano d’abruzzo, the arrosticini, and being surrounded by p&g-ers who were also in pescara with us… italy flashback, anyone?
  • taking prayer requests. will be at Fatima and Santiago de Compostela this coming week. PM or comment
  • one more saturday night? yeahhhh, why not  come have dinner at Mantra On The Hill!! and shoot me a text if you do, because i want to seeee you before i go byebye…
  • ginger ale + rum ftw. plus jared and mike and iron man on at the tavern. nice last saturday night  happy.
  • ~ They say it takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, a day to love them, and an entire life to forget them… ~
  • ~ kasama mo ako / sa tagumpay at kahit kabiguan / sa ligaya at pagluha man / sa laban ng buhay hindi ka iiwan ~
  • PLANE RIDE! uhm, i need to finish packing…
  • simultaneously packing for a week abroad and four months in the UP should not be this confusing. i am making this way too complicated.
  • prayers for a safe trip would be highly appreciated. let us know if you have prayer requests!
  • safely in lisbon, fatima tomorrow, porto sometime… thanks for the prayers!! love to ya’ll in cinci


  • finding a 4.0 waiting for you on your grade report for spring semester near the end of a perfectly lovely day in fatima… does life get better? oh, wait. yes, it does. i had the rosary that victoria made and gave me blessed after Mass today. and we’re going to porto. and drinking and buying port. SNAP. goodness, but i’ve missed europe.
  • SO MUCH PORT. more tomorrow…
  • heading out in an hour… prayers please
  • ALL THE PORT MADE IT THROUGH CUSTOMS. we’re ok. life is ok.
  • BLEARGH. i’m wide awake because it’s 0930 in portugal. must… sleep…
  • https://gukkhser.wordpress.com/2013/05/07/portugal-panorama/
  • so, facebook only lets you tag ten people at once. that doesn’t work for me, and i hope you all see this, because i need to thank… marybeth, steffy, brett, nathan, kody, pat, teresa, kuya josh, emily, jared, ashley, jennifer, dan, regina, travis, kuya brad, and julz for a perfectly lovely night. i wish you all a wonderful summer!!!
  • 0600. Let’s do this.
  • // Here, let me translate the term “shacking up” to you in man-speak … “I like you well enough, but not quite well enough to marry. Not yet. In fact, I’m not really sure how I feel about you. I do know that I like you well enough to have sex with and for you to wash my stained underwear and pay half the bills, but not quite well enough to fully commit to you in marriage.”How charming. //
  • it’s a pond hill farm summer, v. 2.0!!!!!!!!
  • IT’S SNOWING. I’m here for a *Summer* internship and it’s. snowing. God’s sense of humor is great. xD lol.
  • so, scott’s new nickname for me is aisoflavonoids…
  • my mothers!!! happy mothers day, my mothers!!!!  Stef  Prosperidad MaryAnn  Jane  Lisa  Colleen
  • almost all the interns are here! waiting for one more… and then all my favorite FoH people come back next week!!!!
  • post-last night’s ballroom dancing session, i’ll never be able to listen to pink’s “Try” again without wanting to dance a triple two step.
  • ~ Let all of creation be shaken now with Love ~ Let our hearts break as we praise Your name, let the earth shake ~ Happy Pentecost Sunday!!!!
  • JOSIE’S HERE!!!!!  and last year i thought i’d gotten away from the pans of biscuits and bowls of gravy song, but here we are again. still. life is GOOD. legs inn tonight, anyone?
  • // For the Catholic, contraception is wrong not because it allows too much, but because it doesn’t allow enough, namely, the participation of the entire person, which includes their potentiality for the creation of new life, as terrifying as the fact may be. //http://www.patheos.com/blogs/badcatholic/2013/05/whence-opposition-to-birth-control-a-rebuttal.html
  • // The reason the Church says its “unchaste” to have a multitude of sexual partners or to display yourself as sexually-arousing profile picture is not because she’s “slut-shaming” her children, but because she understands that such behavior is a reduction of the intricate, infinite, terrifying subjectivity of a unique human self into a single, poorly-represented characteristic.//http://www.patheos.com/blogs/badcatholic/2013/05/is-female-purity-bullshit.html
  • The Garden Cafe opens today!! Stop by, because I want to make your lunch!!!!!
  • http://whatshouldwecallnfp.tumblr.com/post/49775329838/when-i-finally-find-an-nfp-only-doctor
  • Please, please, pray for the BSA.
  • // The Boy Scouts of America has a logo that bears the phrase ‘Timeless Values.’ Today, the BSA can no longer use this phrase in good faith. It has demonstrated by its actions that the organization’s values are not timeless, and instead they are governed by changing tides of polls, politics and public opinion.The saddest part of today’s decision is what the organization is teaching our children and young people in the program.The BSA is teaching our kids that when your values become unpopular, just change them.The BSA is teaching our kids that when your convictions are challenged, just cave to peer pressure.The BSA is teaching our kids that public opinion polls are more important than principles.Today, the BSA is teaching our kids that you should not stand up for what is right instead you should stand up for what is popular. //http://www.onmyhonor.net/whats-next/
  • hey mommies and daddies! any testimonies about how NFP strengthens your marriage? 1flesh needs you! message me if you’re willing to give a testimony, please!!!
  • gluten/dairy/egg-free strawberry rhubarb pie, cherry wine, FotR extended ed… life’s good  ~ mGbp ~
  • St. George, patron saint of boy scouts, ora pro nobis.
  • three service sessions – two lunch, one dinner – in a row, and we’ve broken $1000 each time. according to scott’s calendar from last year, we don’t hit those numbers until june 30th. WHAAAT.    harbor et al, ya’ll are making me – us – so happy!!!
  • regina spektor and roasted green tea at work. ‘guini’s kind of day.
  • mga “gusto ko lang sabihin…” ni daddy… oh man. lolfest.


  • safely home again in harbor. thanks for the prayers.
  • AHHHH!!! if you’re not doing anything on the 22nd, we’re having a pig roast!!! COME TO THE PIG ROAST!!! Natalie Catherine Gabriel Cameron SamJacob Paco Migi
  • Paco Migi ~ this is my prayer in the battle when triumph is still on its way ~http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcfzU8MHKME
  • Danny‘s a dangerous bartender.
  • mackinac island with friends = best day off ever!!!  Josie  Kelsey Danny
  • 7pm premiere of Man of Steel last night, in celebration of Missy‘s birthday. Ridiculously awesome. Now my third favorite superhero movie, behind Avengers and Captain America.
  • The pulled pork is starting to smell really good, and we’ve got our very own Cherry Wine BBQ sauce to make it even better!!! Come to Pond Hill Farm’s first Barn Dance of the season, tonight at 7pm!!
  • watching riley square dance with her mother, sarah  wish my mommy was here to square dance with me…
  • // For centuries, the Roman Catholic Church, with its strong right-to-life ethic, has maintained that surgery without pain relief was such an extreme treatment that it could be justifiably refused, even if the alternative was death. Nevertheless, for decades physicians have inflicted such treatment on infants without knowledge or consent of their families. //http://www.nytimes.com/1987/12/17/opinion/l-why-infant-surgery-without-anesthesia-went-unchallenged-832387.html
  • Dear Daddy BongPaco, & Migi, I finally watched Ip Man 2.
  • when others play their music in the kitchen – usher, bieber, eminem – i feel so out of touch with my generation. when i play my music in the kitchen – bee gees, fleetwood mac, sarah mclachlan – everyone else makes me feel old.
  • ~ calling out unto the earth with tears hot and wild for the loss of the one that i loved as a child ~
  • http://www.andthesethygifts.com/2013/06/19/betrayed-in-the-name-of-tolerance/
  • kale + cilantro rice + cheddar + pinto beans + tomatoes + red onions + sour cream + spicy red salsa + peanuts + carrots + thai noodle sauce + spicy peanut sauce = the Josie bowl. add pulled pork for Danny.
  • meet my PHF bandmates! ryan, missy, and alise
  • wrote to loves in kentucky, michigan, ohio, and alaska while getting plenty of delicious sunlight in downtown harbor today. feeling very productive
  • my first baby bro is 17 today. how does that happen????
  • // “By imitating marriage, you will never know the fullness of marriage.” The same can be said of any cohabiting couples, by the way. //
  • ~ turns out that everything i say to you comes out wrong and never comes out right, so i’ll say “why don’t you and i get together, take on the world and be together forever” … so i say “why don’t you and i hold each other, fly to the moon and straight on to heaven, ’cause without you they’re never gonna let me in” ~
  • oh, honey. when the three ladies manning hot side are belting out disney songs [and les miserables] while prepping for a FTT dinner, you either get over it, leave, or join in… the entire experience being my comeuppance for past incidents handled with considerably less enthusiasm…


  • aaaaaaanddddd WE’RE BACK!!!!! http://www.1flesh.org/ DO IT.
  • Rule #1 in the kitchen: Don’t bleed. Rule #2: Don’t cry.dear ninong Albino ~ Kung ang iyong problema / Ay ang iyong mukha / Wag nang mag alala / Pagkat nandito na / Ang sagot sa lahat ng problema mo sa mga babae… andito na ang papa…
  • thirteen-hour shift? normal, yes, saturday night, sure, except i’m not in mt. adams where all the fun bars and nice bartenders are… and the bartender currently standing in front of me is singing miley cyrus. that’s supposed to make me happy? xD lolfest. weddings at pond hill for ya.
  • kafui made me fried plantains for breakfast
  • Regina pacis, ora pro nobis… ora pro me.
  • i drink mocha and think of mommy.
  • AHHHHHHH BLISSFEST IS HERE!!!!!! BLISSFEST IS HERE!!!!! i mean, we’re setting up tonight. FOR FOUR DAYS OF UTTER BLISSFULNESS!!! ahem.
  • i can usually keep from eating what i’m working on. when dicing fresh rhubarb, however… mmmmmmmm mmm mmm.
  • what better way to celebrate the incredible Sacrament of Reconciliation than by going to blissfest?
  • piglets are being born RIGHT NOW! just watched ryan and kafui… receive… one and clean it up…
  • ~ i want to live like there’s no tomorrow / love like i’m on borrowed time / it’s good to be alive ~
  • as Alise felt like announcing to the world, Ryan and i are just a little crazy today due to sleep deprivation and already having tolerated each other for 14 – 15 hours yesterday. i wonder if she heard this conversation from the dining room: “today, can we think of ways to make time go faster?” “find a black hole that can bend time and do something with it.” “… i was being serious.” “SO WAS I. that’s what black holes do, they bend time and stuff, and i just found my FAVORITE SPOON.”
  • mind is still at blissfest. blissfest blissfest blissfest BLISSFEST blissFEST BLISSFEEEsssstttttttt…. some people even have their wristbands on still. xD blissfest loveeeeee.
  • it’s a michael buble day at work with Missy  dance dance dancing in the kitchen…
  • cilantro rice, pulled pork, cherry wine bbq sauce, and lots and lots and LOTS of charred tomato corn salsa from blissfest. love. love love love love love.
  • ~ i’ve got that feeling baby / you know it drives me crazy / and all i want to do is hit the floor ~
  • dear 2013 pond hill loves, Kelly Missy Alise Katie Jilleisa Josie Kelsey Alexisit was brought to my attention that i have but 20 days left with all of you, and thus, i am spending my short lunch break writing my to-do list. please feel free to add.
    – the wolverine
    – more trivia
    – more ballroom dancing
    – more stick fighting
    – ziplining
    – another trip to mackinac, complete with cotton candy drinks
    – another girls’ night out, at cava perhaps?
    – musical bonfires
    – intern dancehelp.love,
  • ~ you’re the echoes of my everything, you’re the emptiness the whole world sings at night, you’re the laziness of afternoon, you’re the reason why i burst and why i bloom, you’re the leaky sink of sentiment, you’re the failed attempts i never could forget, you’re the metaphors i can’t create to comprehend this curse that i call… ~
  • wrapping up an hour and a half long recording session with MissyAlise,Ryan, and Patrick  eight songs! woot.
  • basilblueberrygoatcheesecakes!!! if you’re not here for tonight’s farm to table dinner… or wednesday’s… you’re missing out big time.
  • ~ i will testify to love, i’ll be a witness in the silences when words are not enough, with every breath i take… ~
  •  8am Mass was canceled…


  • receiving Extreme Unction at 8am Mass tomorrow at Holy Childhood in Harbor. company – physical and/or spiritual – is much appreciated
  • oh. my. gosh. just had my picture taken with thomas keller. unreal.
  • ~ sunday: byebye party, musical bonfire, movie ~ monday: internet cafe (playlist finalization), movie ~ tuesday: intern dance ~ wednesday: wine dinner ~ thursday: dancing ~ friday: chef’s table ~ saturday: mackinac island, mackinaw city ~ sunday: zip lining, dinner at legs ~ monday: goodbye pond hill, hello cinci…
  • 2013 Pond Hill Prom Awardsfull-sized file @ https://gukkhser.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/awards1.jpg
  • my last day on this line… until next season
  • staying late for prep AHHHHHHHHHHH cleaning out all my knives and stuff from ALL THE HIDING PLACES AHHHHHHHHH i bought 4x+ more rice vinegar than we actually needed tonight for the dinner AHHHHHHHHH kafui smoked goat and since i couldn’t eat anything we made tonight i bounced and ate smoked goat out of the smoker by phone-light flashlight courtesy of ryan AHHHHHHH the case of ginger ale is the best gift scott ever got me to hold me through days like this AHHHHHHHHH it was my last day in the kitchen… cry….
  • “just think about ponies. EXPLODING. and everything will be alright. you can tell your little brother that if you’re ever worried about him.”
  • well. after last night’s island shenanigans, i should probably not skip breakfast before Mass like i usually do… yay gluten-free chocolate cereal.
  • cincinnati… so surreal… missing my pond hill crew…
  • now that i’m home with internet connection in my room, expect a steady stream of back-in-cincinnati updates. here’s the second: being greeted by a new not-a-loft bed is weird. i had no idea my room was actually this big…
  • BIC update #3: transferring all numbers from the MI phone to the OH phone and deactivating the MI phone, sooooooo no more texting to the 231 number, ok MI fam?
  • ~ ’cause you can shoot me straight, straight to the heart, ’cause you already have it ~
  • ughhhh. confusion over surgery times. prep papers from the doc say one thing, hospital says another, aaaaand no one’s available to speak to directly at this time. madness. utter madness.
  • … when the stars start to shimmer on the Michigan shore, can i come calling at your front door…
  • BIC Update #4: started speaking in an austrian/german/something-along-those-lines accent to my dad in the car on my way home today. granted i was more than slightly out of it, but still…
  • BIC Update #5: i start typing “bl” into my browser with the intention of checking blackboard, but the first thing to pop up is “blissfest.”
  • // His quest for perfection began with the weeding out of the unfit. Those who were less than optimal, by infirmity, by genetics, then by religious beliefs and political persuasion, were the first to be coded for deletion. In those early days, killing children for the sins of their parents had been distressing to Thorsen. But in time he came to see the anguish he experienced, and then transcended, as a sign of his own growing perfection… //if i must be confined to my bed, then at least i can reread Federation for the first time in too many years…
  • // It’s like this stuff is NEW, or something. It’s tough being ahead of the times. ;) //
  • // One more reason to go organic: Researchers “found that women in a relationship were less competitive when they were on the Pill, making them less likely to fight to keep their partner if another woman comes along to turn his head. They believe this is because the oral contraceptive, taken by millions, suppresses testosterone, a hormone that fuels rivalry in both sexes.” //
  • http://whatshouldwecallnfp.tumblr.com/post/53841183112/when-i-first-started-charting-with-creighton
  • http://whatshouldwecallnfp.tumblr.com/post/52622351655/the-first-time-i-have-to-use-yellow-stamps
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUYW0JyzydA
  • BIC Update #6: after family video, anything over 50¢ for five nights is expensive… WAIT. THERE’S FAMILY VIDEO HERE TOO???
  • // MEN- THIS IS YOUR CHARGE: Commit to being an EPIC LOVER. There is no greater challenge, and no greater prize. //
  • “may sumisigaw, hindi ko naiintindihan” lolhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqzQs6YSoE8
  • ~ when autumn comes, it doesn’t ask, it just walks in where it left you last and you never know when it starts until there’s fog inside the glass around your summer heart… i wish there was an over the counter test for loneliness, for loneliness like this… something’s missing and i don’t know how to fix it ~
  • // We want the red meat that is the 2,000 year old Catholic faith and not only that, we want to sink out teeth into it!When young people see that Mass is not like the rest of the week, that it’s not like the world, that it requires us to think and act differently- as if we’re present when heaven touches earth, we will be interested. We will wander in with curiosity, saying “what glorious thing is this?” and we will stay there. //
  • aaaaandddd when Death Cab starts playing, it’s time to leave…
  • one quick random cover before the school year officially startshttp://youtu.be/M-bGZLln-Q0
  • LOL isa pa – “lambing”http://8list.ph/site/articles/8-filipino-words-that-do-not-translate-to-english-205
  • ~ … it’s a fight, it’s a fight… and it’s more than a battle scar, more than a battle scar, such a good, good story to tell… it’s you and me in the open air, it’s truth or dare, we don’t care, we’re counting the stars… ~
  • aaaaaandddd we’re back at VPC… and we all sat in our same seats… the same seats we’ve been sitting in for 3 years… i think.
  • i is at catskeller with PacoJordan, and Paul. paco and jordan haven’t seen each other since december of ’05. what craziness.
  • http://themattwalshblog.com/2013/07/17/my-child-is-gifted-hes-also-29-unemployed-and-living-in-my-basement/
  • When your secular textbook quotes Chesterton. Yes. Paco Josemaria Pfjap
  • woooooot =D http://www.topmastersineducation.com/homeschooled/



  • “The bravest are the tenderest, the loving are the daring.”
  • the next five days are going to be spent rediscovering the definition of EPIC.
  • asked my Ad Altare Dei boys to share some thoughts with me on their First Reconciliation experience. then it was my turn, and i began with, “so, my First Reconciliation was in… 1999…” and one of my boys goes, “i was born in 1999. you’re old.” i know i’m not old, peeps, but sometimes i feel it…
  • Charlotte-bound!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH
  • dinner with balintawak masters.
    oh. my. gosh.
    scared out of my mind and so hyped for the next three days…
  • was able to train with a smaller group this morning, pre-camp, hailing mostly from seattle and cleveland. meeting and playing with some of the scariest people i’ve ever met in my life. drinking in the endless stream of tagalog, our culture, the stories… these are the stories i’ve been thirsting for. official meet ‘n greet in a couple of hours and then we’ll play again for a bit. crazy scared but so at home. love.
  • wise words from our 1Flesh president!!// Being pro-life is about more than wanting life for the unborn. It should be about respecting all human life and all human bodies. Natural family planning respects and honors a woman’s body by increasing our understanding of it and never asking a woman to change her body in order to meet her needs. //http://www.prowomanprolife.ca/2013/10/03/interviewing-marie-claire-reer-part-2/
  • yes.// Many doctors and the infertility industry in general place woman on many [expensive] “treatments” in order to achieve pregnancy but ignore the reason behind the infertility. It would be healthier for doctors to identify the root cause of a couple’s infertility and treat their condition[s]. This is how natural family planning to achieve pregnancy works. It allows couples to achieve pregnancy naturally while also improving their overall health and fertility. This also keeps the health problem[s] causing infertility from developing to a potentially life threatening problem or permanent infertility. Additionally, natural family planning, when used to treat infertility, results in lower birth defects and fewer miscarriages than other “treatments.” It is also significantly more affordable. //http://www.prowomanprolife.ca/2013/10/04/interviewing-marie-claire-reer-part-3/
  • so many new kuyas!!!! little girl geeking outtt xD
  • really can’t study for this midterm any more. let’s watch some myth quest…
  • http://chastityproject.com/2013/10/where-are-the-real-men/
  • some weird mix of transformers, star wars, avengers, godzilla, prometheus, wolverine, jumanji, GI joe, predictable cliche lines, and tom and b’elanna floating in space sharing oxygen and confessing truth before anticipated imminent death. can someone please explain to me what i just saw? i did appreciate the balisong, though.
  • // Drink because you are happy, but never because you are miserable… Never drink because you need it, for this is rational drinking, and the way to death and hell. But drink because you do not need it, for this is irrational drinking, and the ancient health of the world. // =Dhttp://catholicgentleman.net/2013/10/05/chestertons-rule-of-drinking/
  • ~ Politeness is a poor virtue, if it is actuated only by a fear of offending good taste, whereas it should be the outward manifestation of a sympathetic regard for the feelings of others. ~
  • // I shouldn’t need to explain why it’s insane for anyone — particularly other women — to have such contempt and hostility for “stay at home” mothers. Are we really so shallow? Are we really so confused? Are we really the first culture in the history of mankind to fail to grasp the glory and seriousness of motherhood? The pagans deified Maternity and turned it into a goddess. We’ve gone the other direction; we treat it like a disease or an obstacle. //http://themattwalshblog.com/2013/10/09/youre-a-stay-at-home-mom-what-do-you-do-all-day/
  • http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2311690/The-family-sending-home-schooled-children-college-age-12.html
  • Prayer request for Daddy, please. Diagnosed with cellulitis and Mother’s watching him for signs of sepsis.
  • pickup, CREDO drop-off, kali, confession, rosary, lunch, nap, pinoy partay, AHG award ceremony, bonfire, concert, sister talk. crazy long but super enjoyable day
  • † aaaaanddd round two, with lasers and robots this time! receiving Extreme Unction at 8:30am Mass tomorrow at St. Max in West Chester. company – physical and/or spiritual – is much appreciated †
  • class registration. one. last. time. looks like i’m celebrating my 23rd in charleston… !!!
  • home! all taped up and glued together – quite literally- six battle scars – and not feeling half as out of it as i was last time. thank you so much for all of the prayers! Paco wasn’t joking about the waterfall of prayers – i was asleep before i hit the elevators to the room and never got to see the laser and robots set up! boo. and to mother Smith and all my mothers in on this one – go figure, ‘new ais’ started crying for no reason as soon as we got home. it begins… LOL   grazie, grazie. God is good.
  • // Quarrelling, jealousy, anger, selfishness, family secrets, pettiness, shame. What was the solution to these problems? More patience, less self-regard, more telling the truth in love, more generosity, appreciation and gratitude… We did not realize that when we rushed for the exits, all our faults came with us… We did not need a “Sexual Revolution.” What we needed was a Love Revolution. //http://www.ruthblog.org/2013/10/13/loneliness-and-true-love-healing-the-21st-century-family/
  • http://www.boredpanda.com/creative-kids-photography-jason-lee/
  • // Human progress is people. Everything that makes life better, from democracy to the economy to the internet to penicillin was either discovered and built by people. More people means more progress. The inventor of the cure for cancer might be someone’s fourth child that they decided not to have.
    So, just to sum up:
    It’s a good idea for people to be fruitful and multiply; and
    Regardless of how you feel about the Church’s stance on birth control, it’s proven pretty prophetic. // uhm, duhhhh.http://www.businessinsider.com/time-to-admit-it-the-church-has-always-been-right-on-birth-control-2012-2
  • trying to find connections between filipino and japanese martial arts, if any, for a class project. so far only vague references to okinawan kobudo and kombatan. balintawak kuyas, any source suggestions?
  • HEY CHORUS PEOPLE! (and the rest of the world as you please…) anyone feel like ending the semester with a Straight No Chaser concert? 12/13, 8pm at the aronoff? Meaghan Shea Fan Bing Kyle Patrick
  • bwee hee Paco =D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5apUnAIIaMI
  • http://thefederalist.com/2013/10/22/fecundophobia-growing-fear-children-fertile-women/
  • mom: is it a love song?
    me: maybe?
    mom: it’s your favorite?
    me: well, one of them.
    mom: well, but you’re an adult; you’re allowed to like love songs.
    me: …. oh… kay….
  • the guitars, the beers, and the blessed 85th-birthday cheer are jamming in st. louis this weekend 
  • ~ old – but i’m not that old – young – but i’m not that bold ~
  • whaaaaatttttt, may videoke na?!!?!!?!??!
  • KAINAN NA!!!! drinking pond hill farm peach apple hard cider and mackinaw trail winery blackberry wine, yeahhhh buddy 
  • the best drinking sessions are when your 85-year old grandpa, your father, and your mother’s brothers and cousins are all telling stories of old drinking shenanigans. the things you never heard before you were old enough to drink with them 
  • captain america and hot spiced chai with boba.
  • SOMM has been out for over a year and i still haven’t watched it. what is this madness??? where to rent…
  • WTH?!?!!?!?!?!?!?http://www.womenofgrace.com/blog/?p=25249
  • Hold me close to thy heart, close as locket or bracelet fits; not death itself is so strong as love, not the grave itself cruel as love unrequited; the torch that lights it is a blaze of fire. Yes, love is a fire no waters avail to quench, no floods to drown; for love, a man will give up all that he has in the world, and think nothing of his loss. SOS 8:6-7


  • Hold vigil with us tonight | #DieForTheCause2013
  • taking mother out on a date! time to show her around downtown a bit 
  • ‘ey vigil peeps. ya’ll are amazing, and God is so good. mGbp.#DieForTheCause2013
  • // … marriage isn’t for you. You don’t marry to make yourself happy, you marry to make someone else happy. More than that, your marriage isn’t for yourself, you’re marrying for a family. Not just for the in-laws and all of that nonsense, but for your future children. Who do you want to help you raise them? Who do you want to influence them? Marriage isn’t for you. It’s not about you. Marriage is about the person you married. //http://sethadamsmith.com/2013/11/02/marriage-isnt-for-you/
  • for daddy, because swedish chef is his fave =D Bong Ofhfshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Qj8PhxSnhg
  • // … even though it was obvious what the blind man wanted, Jesus still asked him, “What do you want me to do for you?” //http://sheismore.com/the-husband-list-12-non-negotiables/
  • let’s stop buying glassware and just save all the beer bottleshttp://lifehacker.com/5892147/cut-a-glass-bottle-using-nail-polish-string-and-fire
  • // I am reminded of the quote by Chesterton (I think) who once quipped something along the lines of ‘there is no idea so stupid that it hasn’t yet been proposed by an academic’.When this article states: “benevolent sexism has been identified”, what it really means is “benevolent sexism has been made up to suit some confused ideology about human gender”. //http://www.mercatornet.com/family_edge/view/13028
  • // … the single life is not a vocation. Now, before a barrage of vitriol from the unmarried, I am not saying that someone who is single cannot live a life in which he or she gives glory and honor to God. I am saying that man (man the species: homo, hominis, not vir, viris) is intended to live in the context of a vow. Even the pagans knew this, but since the Incarnation these vows have been transformed in Christ, thus given a sacramental quality. //http://www.catholic.com/blog/christopher-check/shop-around
  • trust chef friends to text me about the passing of charlie trotter, RIP… (if they were on facebook, they would have caught it 22 hours earlier…)
  • http://www.interaksyon.com/article/74318/walang-pasok–class-suspensions-for-friday-november-8
  • http://xkcd.com/1288/
  • http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-24887746?SThisFB
  • tickets for that 22-hour flight booked! I’M GOING HOME! I’M GOING HOME!!! it will only have been 8 years, 2 months, and 6 days since my last uwi…
  • // Every Catholic church building is not holding bay, it’s a launching pad from which we are sent into the world to testify to the victory of Christ over sin and death. //go, Marty!!!http://www.ucssp.com/1/post/2013/11/the-true-rebellion-catholic-orthodoxy.html
  • if my mother were to do my Food Formulation and Ingredient Functionality homework, she would list sodium nitrite as “cancer-causing agent,” and konjac as a “choking agent.” yes, i should let mother do my homework for me.
  • as of roughly an hour and a half ago, i am the ridiculously proud older sister of TWO Eagle Scouts 
  • http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/foreigners/2013/11/how_to_help_typhoon_haiyan_survivors_in_the_philippines_the_only_donation.html
  • if you haven’t yet visited me when i’m in MI… *hint hint* Prosperidad Amargo Topski Tops Albino Lokoh Reena Yap Amargohttp://www.minews26.com/content/?p=28267
  • at this rate, next year’s trip home might as well be a mission trip.http://www.cnn.com/video/data/2.0/video/bestoftv/2013/11/13/ac-anderson-dnt.cnn.html
  • http://sploid.gizmodo.com/before-and-after-pictures-of-the-philippines-typhoon-ar-1463416196/@caseychan
  • http://www.incidentalcomics.com/2013/11/a-year-of-parenting.html?spref=fb
  • BOOM.http://youngcons.com/legit-tennessee-high-school-senior-decimates-common-core/
  • Albino Topski Bong i is wants to watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bQSOBJCPQE ( Ken Todd Sean Lyndon if we were to meet up after Christmas as opposed to before, would you want to see this, by any chance?)
  • http://thecatholicbeat.sacredheartradio.com/2013/11/15/students-pray-at-overnight-vigil/
  • playing this game because mum did it first, therefore it is fun  10 things you may not know about me. like or comment for a number!uhmmm….10. i was given my first guitar when i was six years old, i believe as a parting gift prior to moving from st. louis to lake jackson. my uncles gave me one lesson, and then i never saw it again. i distinctly remember asking my parents where my guitar was, and they were confused and thought i meant my old white electronic “guitar” with buttons that made sounds. i did not find out until i was well into my teenage years – maybe even in college already? – that the classical guitar given to me by my uncles never made it to texas with us, and that my uncles had consequently smashed it onstage at a gig.9. my Godfather was the one who taught me how to make friendship bracelets.8. my poetry always seems to have a morbid or violent air, and this disturbed my mother when i tried showing her my poetry once in junior high school or something. i stopped showing mum my poetry. lol.7. paco and i used to build “tents” with pillows and blankets and tables and chairs and couches, and my favorite thing to do in our “tents” was try to put paco to sleep by singing my own made-up songs to him. unfortunately, i think my singing was just as disturbing as my poetry – in a depressing way, not morbid or violent – who knows – and he would start crying. (or, you know my voice was just that bad.) he would then run to mommy and i would be like, “i don’t know what happened – he just started crying!”6. so maybe part of it is that i used to hide under my uncles’ bed so that i could watch them play street fighter. mom didn’t want me watching it… which i totally understand and respect now, but i also think i turned ok anyway…5. when yena was a baby, i would get upset if any guests got to hold yena for longer periods of time than i had gotten to myself that day. for some reason, i remember us having a lot of guests when yenyen was still at an age to be carried constantly.4. i’m really quite envious of all persons who really *know* how to classily wear a scarf. i have one way of wearing a scarf and that’s all i can manage.3. i always wanted harry to end up with hermione. i was kind of sad once i started to pick up on the ron-and-hermione dynamic in the books.2. ok. so i still regret not shotgunning beers with the rest of the crew on our last night at daveed’s. that was before i knew that that stuff they were chugging goes down like water anyway.1. i learned the hard way that i can’t save everyone, and i had to train myself to not want people to change – for anyone but their own self, that is, because only then is the change genuine. that hasn’t stopped me from continuing to have a heart for the broken. i wondered once, when mum asked me, what that said about me as a person. i’ve since decided to leave it alone, and just keep up reading and re-reading “how to avoid falling in love with a jerk,” and maintaining that loving and being in love are two different things.
  • sorry, umiiyak ako; i can’t remember ever feeling so helpless as now.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2507790/Philippines-officials-accused-prioritising-Typhoon-Haiyan-aid-areas-voted-them.html
  • // When everything else is taken away, broken and battered, soaked raw, stripped bare… You see people as they really are. //http://kickerdaily.com/maraming-salamat-for-showing-us-all-how-to-live-cooper-thanked-the-filipinos/
  • it just feels way too early to be home. why does it feel way too early to be home??
  • down to ten assignments. TEN assignments between now and the end of this [crazy awesome] semester. and then finals, of course, but yeeeeeeek! this year is just flying!
  • // I wish that I had let myself be happier.This is a surprisingly common one. Many did not realise until the end that happiness is a choice… deep within, they longed to laugh properly and have silliness in their life again. When you are on your deathbed, what others think of you is a long way from your mind. How wonderful to be able to let go and smile again, long before you are dying. //
  • // “She’s not a keeper. Just a keeper-arounder.”Of course, the next question was obvious. Was she aware of her status? Had he “programmed” her to lower her expectations? “Well, not in so many words. Why should I have to?”To which I replied “Because that’s not the default setting!” //Gotta love Mary Beth Bonacci 
  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee? Mmmmm….
  • //UPSCA is accepting the ff for #YolandaPH victims: matches, candles and sleeping mats. Please drop your donations in our tambayan inside the UP Parish of the Holy Sacrifice. #reliefPHFor inquiries, contact us through the following numbers:
    UPSCA hotline – 09265001727
    Cheska – 09267621366//
  • // Lewis wrote to one young reader that Susan was written out of the story not because “I have no hope of Susan’s ever getting into Aslan’s country” — that is, Heaven — “but because I have a feeling that the story of her journey would be longer and more like a grown-up novel than I wanted to write.” //http://www.realclearreligion.org/articles/2013/11/19/a_plea_to_narnia_fans.html
  • The St. Clair tonight, kids. No better place to go after wine class. Be there in 15 to 20. $5 Painkillers, yess.
  • // I was completely surprised at the serenity I found at each house. You imagine mayhem, screaming and crying and drama, yet in reality, you are invited into the calmest space ever. It got me thinking that post birth is so misrepresented in our culture/media and this is unhelpful to women and new families. If you were told about this overwhelming calmness, women would feel reassured they would be able to cope. The only stories I heard before I had my children were ones of pain straight to sleepless nights. This episode of pure joy seemed to be missing, so it was a surprise to me. //http://www.mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs/jenny-lewis-one-day-young-newborn-babies
  • ~ i yawn and sigh and slowly fade away / deep enough to dream in brilliant colors i have never seen / deep enough to join a billion people for a wedding feast / deep enough to reach out and touch the Face of the One who made me / and oh the love i feel, and oh the peace / do i ever have to wake up now ~
  • i’m debating chess rules with a four year old. a *four. year. old.* (he’s never had a pawn reach the other side of the board, and one of mine just did…)
  • well, if dad were writing my paper on tomato processing, it would read, “take a tomato. crush it. salt to eat.” thanks, dad.
  • THERE’S A PACQUIAO FIGHT?!!?!?!?!? i am so out of the pinoy loop. shame, shame, shame. missing it again… tsk tsk tsk.
  • ~ Viva Cristo Rey ~
  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/godandthemachine/2013/11/an-astonishing-picture/
  • “The body speaks the truth through conjugal love, fidelity and integrity, just as non-truth, that is, falsity, is expressed by all that is the negation of conjugal love, fidelity and integrity.”
  • http://www.catholiccravings.com/2013/11/23/7-types-catholic-nerds-find/
  • ok, UC kids. i have a weird break tomorrow from 11ish to 4, which i do not normally have. who wants to catch up over lunch or something at TUC? i seriously need a break from senior project stuff. shoot me a text or something.
  • why are my shoulders so sore? missing the train, would be nice right about now… Josie Kelsey Jilleisa Missy Alise Danny
  • here’s to building carts and blowing bubbles and eggplants with noses and voyager at the overlook and military time and wombats and slackjaw stories and sidebars. lovely after-work night-before-thanksgiving out. thanks for loving me then; thanks for loving me now.  Brad  Julz  Joe 
  • happy thanksgiving!!! taking the fam to Mass at Old St. Mary’s because they’ve never been there 
  • nino just told me, “i love you.” except… in korean, so i didn’t understand and couldn’t reciprocate immediately. 
  • aaaaaaandddddd my second little bro, Migi, is fifteen today! crazy stuff…
  • http://vimeo.com/78393869


  • ~ december… you run me downright restless and wild… december… can’t turn around now… december… break the chain, can’t live in circles again ~
  • ~ Jesus, hope of the world… light in our darkness… come, Promised Peace… come and be Lord of our hearts ~ Let us then throw off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light… put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the desires of the flesh. ~Happy 1st Sunday of Advent!! ~
  • thirty-three-page senior project one report completed. i is wants chocolate now.
  • mother made arroz caldo with the leftover roasted turkey. i always feel like i’m five when i eat arroz caldo. in a totally feel-good way.
  • one awesome way to start a probably eighteen-ish-hour-day is to mentally list where all the 4real forum kiddies have ended up… and reading posts from formerly clare ryan on how dreams do come true 
  • // Job number one is to shore men up, not tear them down. There should be no place for man-bashing of any sort. //Amen!!!!!http://www.andthesethygifts.com/2013/12/02/where-have-all-the-men-gone-the-quest-for-authentic-fatherhood-2/
  • driving to school today, i was behind someone with a license plate that read “FLX MUSL.” please, please, i hope to goodness that i do not know you. who *does* that….
  • senior project one presentations are OVER!!!! even with what’s left, i can relax…..
  • darting kurkheimer nonnengarten gewurztraminer kabinett. Marty, i need a translation, but anyway – officially my favorite white that we tasted in class this semester. the carmenere was the best red. nice end to the semester 
  • ooo! jamm session at UCBA tomorrow  good. the 12-string could use some friends…
  • // Such reflections ought to inspire even greater appreciation for the accomplishment that is Repeal Day. In addition to serving as a potent reminder that the remedy for excess is not to supplant the need for virtue with the force of law, it should prompt us to embrace those virtues that enable us to enjoy the manifest and manifold goods of drinking to the full. Nothing could be more human, or more American. //http://www.theimaginativeconservative.org/2012/12/celebrating-repeal-day-prohibition.html
  • http://ctkblog.com/2013/12/05/why-switchfoot-wont-sing-christian-songs/
  • AHHHHHH!!! LAZIEST SNOW/OFF DAY EVER!!!!!! ALL I’VE DONE IS SLEEP!!!!!!! i’ve caught up on all the sleep i didn’t get this past week! because i only have one final project presentation that i can’t start on until i have the assigned product for the presentation and two finals that i don’t need to study for any more at this point! so done but so not done!!!!  hayop sa problema eh.
  • http://www.huffingtonpost.com/katie-d-anderson/teen-texting-the-ruin-of-romance_b_3763576.html
  • haven’t worked a saturday night since april… !!!! mt. adams is the place to be 
  • In your status line, list 10 books that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take more than a few minutes and don’t think too hard – they don’t have to be the “right” or “great” works, just the ones that have touched you. Tag 10 friends to do the same.1. C. S. Lewis’ The Last Battle
    2. Rumer Godden’s In This House of Brede
    3. Jane Austen’s Sense & Sensibility
    4. Jane Austen’s Persuasion
    5. J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
    6. C. S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity
    7. Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights
    8. J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Children of Hurin
    9. Judith Reeves-Stevens’ Star Trek Federation
    10. Fulton J. Sheen’s Life of ChristStef, PacoMigiTripAsherAnna MarieMarybethMartyMacBethKate
  • Happyyyy Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception!!! Mass is always a lovely way to start a Monday, of course 
  • monday – exam; tuesday – presentation/kali; wednesday – exam/clifton; thursday – laser tag/kali/the hobbit; friday – newport; saturday – mt. adams/OTR; sunday – court of honor; monday – festival of lights; tuesday – potluck… 
  • Anya Paco Migi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UcR9iKArd0
  • booooo, it’s that time of winter when it’s too slippery to drive to Mass 
  • this is like Cory describing beer to a foodie. http://xkcd.com/1133/
  • okay, Pinoy Rulebreaker Extended Edition of the Book Meme daw xD “50 Books that Have Stayed With You” — no overthinking allowed. Claire DianaAJ Mike Anna Resty Anya1. Lord Brocktree
    2. The Long Patrol
    3. Prisoner of Azkaban
    4. I Kissed Dating Goodbye
    5. Real Love
    6. Half-Blood Prince
    7. Deathly Hallows
    8. Anne of Green Gables
    9. Little Women
    10. Black Beauty
    11. The Secret Garden
    12. Anne’s House of Dreams
    13. Anne of Ingleside
    14. Rilla of Ingleside
    15. Ender’s Game
    16. Reunion
    17. Federation
    18. The Goose Girl
    19. The Hunger Games
    20. Fabiola
    21. In This House of Brede
    22. A Wrinkle in Time
    23. Wuthering Heights
    24. Sense & Sensibility
    25. Many Waters
    26. An Acceptable Time
    27. Rediscovering Catholicism
    28. The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe
    29. 1917: Red Banners, White Mantle
    30. The Guillotine & the Cross
    31. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
    32. The Silver Chair
    33. The Last Battle
    34. Mere Christianity
    35. The Screwtape Letters
    36. Persuasion
    37. Children of Hurin
    38. Waking Rose
    39. The Midnight Dancers
    40. Lady of Ch’iao Kuo
    41. The Hobbit
    42. The Silmarillion
    43. Eragon
    44. A Little Princess
    45. The Return of the King
    46. The Dark Tower
    47. Wizard’s Glass
    48. Life of Christ
    49. The Emperor of Nihon-Ja
    50. Boy Meets Girl
  • Arlin’s after the wine exam tomorrow night, feel free to join us – mostly to watch Stephaun get schawayyyysteeeddd while I stay perfectly sober… ChefVogel & Kuya Brad, it would be a good time and venue to tell CUL3602 tomato sauce stories…
  • ~ sip it slow ’cause it’s so nice, dulls my senses… burns a bit to the touch, dangerous if it’s too much, oh, if this bottle could talk, love on the rocks ~
  • language, sorry. but LOL. i’ve definitely been asked a good number of these. oh and props for gogo yubari.http://www.buzzfeed.com/tanyachen/questions-asian-people-are-sick-of-answering
  • well. after getting pricked all over my back and then stuck with sixteen needles in the space of eight square inches on my forearm and then going in for bloodwork… all i really want to do today is watch a movie. bother exams.
  • omicrazygoodness, ong bak I, II and III are on netflix. truth. and the bodyguard!
  • mum Anya – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVgixOjGhVU – onegin
  • ten minute wine final… what?! Adoration first, i think, before arlin’s.
  • Sean Lyndon Ken Todd talk to me! are you free the 23rd and can we meet up and where?
  • Happy birthday to Daddy, and happy 24th wedding anniversary to him and Mommy  God is so good to us all 
  • Sanctification does not depend on our geography or on our work or circumstances. Some people imagine that if they were in another place, or married to a different spouse, or had a different job, or had more money, they could do God’s work so much better. The truth is that it makes no difference where they are; it all depends on whether what they are doing is God’s will and done for love of Him.” Archbishop Fulton Sheen (Lift Up Your Heart)
  • oh snap! Hic Sunt Dracones is on netflix!!
  • http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/15/anne-of-green-gables-_n_4275662.html
  • // … Socrates asks his friends to help guide his sons. He asks, “O friends, punish and trouble my sons as I have troubled you, if they seem to care about riches, or anything more than about virtue, or if they pretend to be something when they are really nothing, then reprove them, as I have reproved you, for not caring about that for which they ought to care, and thinking that they are something when they are really nothing.”
    Socrates’ excellent wish for his sons violently contradicts modern sensibilities. It is now “criminal” to prepare our children for the “good life” by teaching them the truth that man was made for virtue. //http://www.crisismagazine.com/2013/two-noble-ends-of-an-authentic-education
  • Dean’s List! Yeahhhh buddy  I think there’s still an open bottle of Pond Hill Farm Cherry Wine…
  • WOW!!!! Go Steubie!!!!! +AMDG+http://www.patheos.com/blogs/badcatholic/2013/12/what-were-doing-in-steubenville.html
  • Ryan Missy Alise been singing this to myself… sadly… quietly… alone… lol xD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XQCQHUExX4
  • ROTFLWTIME –> // 21.You pray for Bad Catholic’s vocation. //http://www.focus.org/blog/posts/how-intensely-catholic-are-you.html
  • Mum: Oooo you know what I’m going to have? Some of these brandied cherries.
    me: Don’t get tipsy; you’re a lightweight.
    Mum: I’m only going to have three!
  • lovely to be breathing mountain air again…
  • WE’RE ALL HERE!!!! ALL FOURTEEN OF US!!!!!! eeeeeee!!!!!!
  • ‘I will tell you the tale of Tinuviel,’ said Strider, ‘in brief – for it is a long tale of which the end is not known; and there are none now, except Elrond, that remember it aright as it was told of old. It is a fair tale, though it is sad, as are all the tales of Middle-Earth, and yet it may lift up your hearts.’
  • ‘… despair is only for those who see the end beyond all doubt. We do not. It is wisdom to recognize necessity, when all other courses have been weighed, though as folly it may appear to those who cling to false hope. Well, let folly be our cloak, a veil before the eyes of the Enemy! For he is very wise, and weighs all things to a nicety in the scales of his malice. But the only measure that he knows is desire, desire for power; and so he judges all hearts…’
  • “Christian joy produces tears because it is qualitatively so like sorrow, because it comes from those places where Joy and Sorrow are at one, reconciled, as selfishness and altruism are lost in Love.”
    —J.R.R. Tolkien
  • “She did not need much, wanted very little. A kind word, sincerity, fresh air, clean water, a garden, kisses, books to read, sheltering arms, a cozy bed, and to love and be loved in return.” – Starra Neely Bladehttp://bit.ly/1hy84jf #verilydailydose
  • MORE pancit malabon?? yes, please.
  • uhm, did i just volunteer to work fourteen hours tomorrow? bakiiiittttttt…
  • Paco Josemaria “That supernatural mode of conduct is a truly military tactic. You carry on the war – the daily struggles of your interior life – far from the main walls of your fortress. And the enemy meets you there: in your small mortifications, your customary prayer, your methodical work, your plan of life: and only with difficulty will he come close to the easily-scaled battlements of your castle. And if he does come, he arrives exhausted.” 
  • bring it, 2014. bring it.

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