1 Jn 2:21

… the truth, after all, cannot give birth to a lie.

Jn 1:9 – 11

There is one who enlightens every soul born into the world; he was the true Light. He, through whom the world was made, was in the world, and the world treated him as a stranger. He came to what was his own, and they who were his own gave him no welcome.

In Conversation with God:

Short indeed is our life for loving, for giving, for making atonement…

… for the form of this world is passing away…

A good year for a Christian is one in which both joys and sorrows have helped him to love God a little more… A Good year is one in which we have served God and our neighbor better…


… so this is the new year… i wish the world was flat like the old days…


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