12.27.13 ~ Feast of St. John the Apostle


In Conversation with God:

St. John, by far the youngest of the Apostles – he was not yet twenty when he answered Our Lord’s call – did so with all his heart, with a love that was undivided…

The discovery of one’s personal vocation, is the most important point in each person’s existence. It changes everything without changing anything; just as a landscape, without changing, is different before and after the sun goes down, beneath the light of the moon, or wrapped in the darkness of night. Every discovery gives a new beauty to things, and a new light creates new shadows; one discovery is the prelude to other discoveries of new lights and more beauty…

Our Lord’s supreme expression of confidence in the beloved disciple took place when, from the Cross, he entrusted to him the greatest love that he had on earth: his most holy Mother… To John, as to no one else, Our Lady could talk about all those things which she kept in her heart… we have to thank him for the care which he took of her until the end of her days here on earth…

St. Jerome tells us that when John was a very old man he repeated again and again to the disciples who came to see him, Little children, love one another. They asked him why he always went on repeating the same thing. St. John answered, It is the Lord’s commandment and, if that is kept, it is enough.


… you know i’ll fight my corner…


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