12.25.13 ~ Christmas Day


Is 62:11 – 12

 Look, where thy deliverer comes, look, how they come with him, the reward of his labour, the achievement of his task! A holy people they shall be called, of the Lord’s ransoming, and thou the city of his choice, no more forsaken.

Ti 3:4 – 7

Then the kindness of God, our Saviour, dawned on us, his great love for man. He saved us; and it was not thanks to anything we had done for our own justification. In accordance with his own merciful design he saved us, with the cleansing power which gives us new birth, and restores our nature through the Holy Spirit, shed on us in abundant measure through our Saviour, Jesus Christ. So, justified by his grace, we were to become heirs, with the hope of eternal life set before us.

Lk 2: 19

… Mary treasured up all these sayings, and reflected on them in her heart.

In Conversation with God:

We can well imagine the scene: Joseph explaining time and again with growing anxiety, the same story, that they had come from…, and Mary a few feet away seeing Joseph and hearing the refusals…

Perhaps it was Our Lady who suggested to Joseph that they could stay provisionally in one of those caves, which served as stables outside the town. She probably encouraged him, telling him not to worry, that they would manage… Joseph would feel comforted by Mary’s words and her smile…

Jesus newly born, does not speak; but he is the eternal Word of the Father. It has been said that the manger is a Chair of learning. Today we should learn the lesson which Jesus teaches us, even when he is just a newly born child, from the very moment he opens his eyes on this blessed land of men…

There can be no room for sadness when Life has just been born; that Life which overcomes all fear of death and fills us with the joy of the pledge of eternity…


The innkeeper is typically portrayed in one of three ways: gruff and/or snarky, harried, or compassionate. What kind of innkeeper are we? Do we have room for Christ in our hearts?

The Child Jesus is in all of us; a Child of Wonder. We should never get over the wonder of waking up every day, of breathing, of receiving God – Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity – in the Eucharist.


… you are my everything, you are the song i sing, i’ll do anything for you, teach me how to pray, to live a life of grace…


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