Sg 2:10 – 11

I can hear my true love calling to me: Rise up, rise up quickly, dear heart, so gentle, so beautiful, rise up and come with me. Winter is over now, the rain has passed by.

In Conversation with God:

There is no better way of preparing for Christmas, which is now so close, than by keeping Mary company…

Convince yourself of this truth: your success – this time, in this matter – was to fail. Give thanks to our Lord… and try again! You haven’t failed; you have gained experience. On you go! …

No… voice… will have any appeal for us, if it does not bring us back to the stable at Bethlehem – there to humble our pride, and enlarge our charity, and deepen our sense of reverence with the sight of a dazzling purity…

Our Lady puts all she has at God’s disposal. In an instant, all her personal plans – and no doubt she had many – were discarded so that she could do everything God wanted her to. She made no excuses, had no reservations…

… love is in its essence to give oneself to others. Far from being a conscious decision of the will to draw close to other people…

The Kingdom of Heaven is beyond price, and yet it costs what you have to give … It cost Peter and Andrew the price of a boat and some nets. It cost the widow two little coins… It cost them everything they had as it will do in our case too.


… truly, were they such as would develope in little ones; but I scorned to be a little one, and, swollen with pride, I looked upon myself as a great one.


… bring all the thirsty, all who seek peace, bring those with nothing to offer, strengthen the feeble, say to the frightened heart, “fear not; here is your God…”

ToB #127 ~ Christian Spirituality of Marriage Possible Only by Living According to the Spirit

Chastity means to live in the order of the heart. This order permits the development of the manifestations of affection in their proper proportion and meaning. In this wayconjugal chastity is also confirmed as “life by the Spirit”…


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