Ps 72:3

 Such be the harvest his subjects shall reap, peace on every mountain, justice on every hill-side.

In Conversation with God:

In her womb, Mary shared her own blood with Jesus, the blood of Adam, of Phares, of Solomon…

He became so small in order that we should not be afraid to come close to him…

Christ was a real man, an individual man, with his own family and his own country, with his own customs, with his own trials and personal preferences; one specific individual, this Jesus. But at the same time, because of the supremacy of his divine Person, he could and can receive into himself everything which is truly human, everything which properly belongs to human nature. We cannot experience a single good thought or feeling which he cannot make his own, nor is there any thought or feeling of his which we ought not to do our best to make ours.

… St. Joseph’s side, a place as unnoticed as it is privileged…

St. Joseph was deeply in love with Mary. He must have loved her so much and with such generosity of heart that, when he learned of her desire to preserve the consecration she had made to God, he agreed to marry her. He would rather renounce having children than live apart from the woman he loved…

Joseph… contemplated the radiant happiness of the woman who was his wife, this marvellous lady who had been entrusted into his keeping. Entrhalled by the way she gazed at her son, he saw her own unspeakable joy, her own overflowing love, her every gesture so full of exquisite tenderness and meaning. 


I searched about for something to love, in love with loving…


… mine is not a new story, mine is nothing new, but it is for me…
… you know how life can be, it changes overnight, sunny then raining, but it’s alright…

ToB #123 ~ The Power of Love Is Given to Man and Woman as a Share in God’s Love


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