Nm 24:17

My vision is not of this time, is not of the things that meet my eyes. I see a star that rises out of Jacob, a stem that springs from Israel’s root; one who shall lay low the chiefs of Moab, shall bring devastation on all the posterity of Seth.

In Conversation with God:

The whole man is defiled by what happens in his heart – evil desires and intentions, envy, spite… These external sins which Our Lord enumerates, before ever they are committed externally, have already been committed interiorly in the sinner’s heart. This is where God is loved or offended…

… – poor heart! … this it is that scandalizes you… Press it, squeeze it tight in our hands! Give it no consolations. And when it asks for them, say to it slowly and with a noble compassion – in confidence, as it were: Heart, heart on the Cross! Heart on the Cross!

Imitate the sailors: their hands never rest until they have baled her out thoroughly; let yours never rest from doing good. In spite of everything, however, the bottom of the ship will fill with water again, because the weak points of our human nature are always there; and you will have to man the pumps again…

How is that heart of yours getting along? – Don’t worry; the saints (who were perfectly ordinary, normal beings like you and me) also felt those ‘natural’ inclinations. In fact, if they had not felt them, their ‘supernatural’ reaction of keeping their heart – their soul and body – for God, instead of giving it to creatures, would have had little merit… the heart’s weakness need be no obstacle for a determined soul, for a heart in love. 


Is it that no one readily laughs alone? No one does so readily; but yet sometimes, when men are alone by themselves, nobody being by, a fit of laughter overcomes them when anything very droll presents itself to their senses or mind.


… blessed is the man who’s lost it all… i’m looking for a bridge i can’t burn down…
… and i’m weeping warm honey and milk…

ToB #122 ~ Prayer, Penance and the Eucharist Are Principal Sources of Spirituality for Married Couples


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