12.15.13 ~ Gaudete Sunday


Is 35:5 – 6

Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened, and deaf ears unsealed; the lame man, then, shall leap as the deer leap, the speechless tongue cry aloud. Springs will gush out in the wilderness, streams flow through the desert…

Ps 146:6 – 10

… maker of heaven and earth and sea and all they contain; the God who keeps faith for ever, who redresses wrong, and gives food to the hungry. The Lord, who brings release to the prisoner, the Lord, who gives sight to the blind, the Lord, who comforts the burdened, the Lord, who befriends the innocent! The Lord, who protects the stranger, who defends orphan and widow, who overturns the counsel of the wicked! The Lord, reigning for ever, thy God, Sion, reigning from age to age! Alleluia.

In Conversation with God:

Our Lord always brings us joy and not affliction. His mysteries are all joyful mysteries, the sorrowful mysteries we bring on ourselves...

… the children gathered around him (children do not gather round gloomy people)…

We have to expect the setback as part and parcel of ordinary life, and we cannot put off being happy until some impossible time arrives in which there are no contradictions, temptations or sorrows…

A gloomy soul is at the mercy of many temptations. How many sins have been committed in the shadow of that gloominess! When the soul is happy it spreads its happiness and is an encouragement to others…

… we can often make life more pleasant for other people in little ways which have no apparent importance in themselves, but which show that we consider others and appreciate them: a smile, a friendly remark, a word of praise, not making a great fuss over unimportant things that would be better overlooked and forgotten.

Living Liturgy:

Written after Israel’s release from Babylon, Psalm 146 reasserts Israel’s faith that God can be counted on forever and does indeed care, in a litany of ways, for those in need.

We stand in the same position as Israel. We have the promise of salvation gloriously described… We have the witness of the saving works of Jesus detailed in the gospel. Yet we see so much death and destruction, pain and suffering, injustice and evil in the world…


… i throw my life upon all that You are, ’cause i know You gave it all for me…
… something in your eyes makes me want to lose myself… if you knew how lonely my life has been and how low i’ve felt for so long, and if you knew how i wanted someone to come along and change my world the way you’ve done… i can almost see, through the dark there is light… and if you knew how happy you are making me… it feels like home to me…

ToB #121 ~ Responsible Parenthood Linked to Moral Maturity


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