12.13.13 ~ Memorial of Saint Lucy, Virgin and Martyr


Is 48:17

… I am the Lord thy God, ever ready to teach thee what it concerns thee to know, guide thee on the path thou treadest.

Ps 1:1

Blessed is the man who does not guide his steps by ill counsel, or turn aside where sinners walk, or, where scornful souls gather, sit down to rest; the man whose heart is set on the law of the Lord, on that law, day and night, his thoughts still dwell.

Mt 11:19

When the Son of Man came, he ate and drank with them, and of him they say, Here is a glutton; he loves wine; he is a friend of publicans and sinners. It is by her own children that wisdom is vindicated.

In Conversation with God:

… we must realize that there is a cure for every disease of the soul, including that of lack of love… They asked the Lover which was the fountain of love. He answered that it was the one where the Beloved had cleansed us from our sins, and from which he gives us, as a free gift, that living water which brings whoever drinks it to eternal life in endless love…


Yea, ignorance and foolishness themselves are concealed under the names of ingenuousness and harmlessness, because nothing can be found more ingenuous than Thou; and what is more harmless, since it is a sinner’s own works by which he is harmed? … Fear starts at unwonted and sudden chances which threaten things beloved, and is wary for their security; but what can happen that is unwonted or sudden to Thee? or who can deprive Thee of what Thou lovest? or where is there unshaken security save with Thee?

… the soul… turns away from Thee, and seeks without Thee what she cannot find pure and untainted until she returns to Thee. Thus all pervertedly imitate Thee who separate themselves far from Thee, and raise themselves up against Thee. But even by thus imitating Thee, they acknowledge Thee to be the Creator of all nature, and so there is no place whither they can altogether retire from Thee.


… i was only seventeen living out a reckless dream…
… if i could know within my heart that you were lonely too…

ToB #119 ~ Church’s Position on Transmission of Life

The human body is not merely an organism of sexual reactions. But it is, at the same time, the means of expressing the entire man, the person, which reveals itself by means of the language of the body. This language has an important interpersonal meaning, especially in reciprocal relationships between man and woman. Moreover, our previous analyses show that in this case the language of the body should express, at a determinate level, the truth of the sacrament. Participating in the eternal plan of love (“sacrament hidden in God”), the language of the body becomes a kind of prophetism of the body.

It may be said that the Encyclical Humanae Vitae carries to the extreme consequences, not merely logical and moral, but also practical and pastoral, this truth concerning the human body in its masculinity and femininity…

Man is precisely a person because he is master of himself and has self-control. Indeed, insofar as he is master of himself he can give himself to the other. And it is this dimension—the dimension of the liberty of the gift—which becomes essential and decisive for that language of the body, in which man and woman reciprocally express themselves in the conjugal union.


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