Is 40:1

Take heart again, my people, says your God, take heart again.

In Conversation with God:

Our whole life is… a continual Advent, a preparation for that final moment for which we are unceasingly, day by day, getting ourselves ready…

Every well-made Confession is an impulse which Our Lord gives us to go ahead, freed from our miseries, with new courage and joy. Christ says to us once more: Take heart, your sins are forgiven my child, begin again…

… Christians must rebel against the debasing of man, through a sincere determination to be truly converted themselves, and must show forth in their own lives the joy of being truly freed from sin… 

… there is no sin, not even the most intimate and secret one, that exclusively concerns the person committing it. With greater or lesser violence, with greater or lesser harm, every sin has repercussions on the entire ecclesial body and on the whole human family.


For what cometh nearer to Thine ears than a confessing heart and a life of faith?

Catholic Calendar:

What people need is somebody who is capable of telling them of the love of God in language that will no longer sound hackneyed or crazy, but with authority and conviction: the conviction born of sanctity…

… if we think there is something that we’ve got to do, it may really be our vocation, and in any case we should throw ourselves into it as if it were.


… leave unsaid unspoken, eyes wide shut unopened… i tell myself all the words he surely meant to say…

ToB #116 ~ Importance of Harmonizing Human Love with Respect for Life

… a true contradiction cannot exist between the divine laws pertaining to the transmission of life and those pertaining to the fostering of authentic conjugal love.


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