12.08.13 ~ Second Sunday of Advent


Is 11:9

All over this mountain, my sanctuary, no hurt shall be done, no life taken. Deep as the waters that hide the sea-floor, knowledge of the Lord overspreading the world!

In Conversation with God:

John will not seek personal fulfillment through his work but has come to prepare a perfect people for the Lord. He will not do it because it appeals to him, but because it was for this very purpose he was conceived. This is what all apostolate is about: forgetting oneself and fostering a true concern for others…

One’s vocation embraces one’s whole life…

We are witnesses of what He came to do; but what sort of witnesses are we? What is our Christian testimony like… Is it forceful enough to convince those who do not yet believe in Jesus? Those who do not love Him? Those who have mistaken ideas about Him? Is our life a proof, or does it at least point to the likelihood of the truth of Christianity? These questions could help us to live… so that it is not devoid of apostolic meaning…

We are witnesses and precursors. We have to bear witness and at the same time we have to show others the way…

Perhaps, in many cases, today’s world does not await anything at all. Or it waits facing in a direction from which nobody will come.


… if you’re not inside me, i’ll put my future in you, you are my one and only, you can wrap your fingers ’round my thumb and hold me tight…

ToB #114 ~ Morality of Marriage Act Determined by Nature of the Act and of the Subjects


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